Where To Find Glass Bongs For Cheap Online

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Where to find glass bongs for cheap online. It’s a question many have asked and few have answered – but today we here at Stealthy Stoner are going to change that, and we’re not going to stop there. This article is going to have two main parts. The first part, which will immediately follow this introduction, is what you probably came here for. The answer to the question, where to find glass bongs for cheap online. This part will consist of multiple websites, descriptions of those websites, and a few select glass bongs for cheap from those websites. The second part is a sort of explanation as to why and how we chose who we chose. We value transparency here at Stealthy Stoner, so we’ve taken you through the exact checkboxes we had to check for each of these websites to make sure they were high enough quality to make this list. So take a look through the websites in part one, and if you have any doubts, want any more info, or perhaps are just too stoned to stop reading once you’ve started, continue onto part two for a detailed explanation of our process in answering the question – where to find glass bongs for cheap online. Let’s get started with part one.

Part One

Part one is the beef of the article and the answer to the question of where to find glass bongs for cheap online. We’re going to walk you through the absolute best websites to find glass bongs for cheap, highlight why exactly they are the best, and show you a few of their best glass bongs. Let’s start off with our first site, Dankstop.


Dankstop is one of the most popular online headshops in the world, and for good reason. They hit all the validation checkboxes an online shop needs to hit (SSL certificate, solid online reputation) and have one of the most diverse selections of product on the web. Their “glass bong water pipes” section is where we’ll be focused on in particular today.

When you first click on Dankstop’s water pipe section you’ll be shown a few of their top sellers. One of our personal favorites, for both it’s quality and incredible price, is the Dankstop – Triple Honeycomb Stemless Waterpipe (http://dankstop.com/glass-water-pipes/dankstop-triple-honeycomb-perc-stemless-water-pipe/). This water pipe is not only a few high quality good looking pipe, but also, at the time of writing this article, is on sale for only $64.99 – an incredible deal. Even it’s regular price of $120.00 would be a good price for a glass bong like this one, so 50% off makes it an unpassable deal. If you’re looking to spend as little money as possible while still receiving a glass bong that will impress your friends and improve your sesh, this might be your best choice. Don’t worry if you’re not a fan though, we’ll be going through many more sites and many more glass bongs for cheap, so you’re practically guaranteed to find what you’re looking for if you keep reading.

Part Two

If you’re a stealthy stoner who’s looking to expand his or her arsenal you might be wondering where to find glass bongs for cheap online. It’s a fantastic question, and one that many stealthy stoners have been writing in to ask us. Bongs are the tool of choice for many, and who could blame them. Few things in life are more enjoyable in life than packing and ripping the first snapper of the day, but to make it a truly magical moment, you have to have the right piece.

To find the right piece, you have to find the right store, and finding the right store can be… tricky. Notice we’ve specified online stores. That’s because if you’re looking for glass bongs for cheap, online is the only option. That’s nothing against physical, brick and mortar head shops and smoke shops who sell glass. We don’t mean to say that they carry lower quality product – we’ve traveled to many stores who have carried an incredible array of high quality glass – though we’ve also traveled to many stores who have carried nothing but cheaply made and ludicrously priced China glass. No, this isn’t against physical stores selection, this is against their inherent struggle to match online prices. Online stores can buy product in bulk, getting discounts that physical stores can’t match. Combine this with other savings (no lease for a store, less employees) and you’ll see why brick and mortar smoke shops and head shops just can’t match the affordability of online stores.

So we’ve established that if you want glass bongs for cheap, online is the place to look. So how did we determine with sites were the “best” and which sites were lacking? We took quite a few different factors into consideration. First off, the legitimacy of the site. The sad reality is, when shopping online there are some shady, moral-less people who want to take advantage of you. You have to be on the lookout for this, and we here at Stealthy Stoner are on the look out for you.

One way to judge the legitimacy and safety of a site is to look at reviews. The easiest way to do this is to simply Google the sites name and follow this with the word “reviews”. You should be met with many different sources and anecdotes of people who have had either positive or negative experiences with said site. If you can’t find anything when searching for reviews, it makes things a bit complicated, but it’s not a total deal breaker. The site could simply be new to the industry, and this is no reason to disregard it. This is why checking the site’s legitimacy doesn’t stop at simply searching for reviews, it is a multi-step process that we’ve performed for each and every one of these sites to be sure that when you’re looking for where to find glass bongs for cheap online, you do so safely and securely. Next in this multi-step process is a bit more technical, and involves checking the site’s SSL, or secure sockets layer.

Sites with a secure sockets layer are definitely what you need to be looking for when asking where to find bongs for cheap online. An SSL is an extra precaution a website can take to further protect your credit card number and other personal information. Any site missing this certification should be excluded from your search for where to find bongs for cheap online, and were definitely excluded from our list. So how do you tell if a site has an SSL? It sounds technical right? Probably requiring a peek into the source code or investigations into the domains registration? Nope! Simply check at the beginning of the sites domain. Http? They don’t have an SSL. Https? SSL! That single s at the end of https is very important when determining an online stores legitimacy – you should certainly be skeptical about any site missing this crucial feature.

Next up is simply reputation. This kind of falls in the same criteria as reviews, which were mentioned earlier, but to examine a company or website’s reputation is to search a bit more broadly. One solid way to investigate a company’s reputation is to check for mentions of them on popular discussion boards – boards that are relevant to your interest (where to find glass bongs for cheap online, in this case). Some popular discussion boards that might be relevant in your search, and we’re definitely helpful in our search for websites, were reddit.com/r/trees, and the Grass City forums. Both of these sites featured numerous discussions of pros and cons of using many of the sites mentioned in this article. The members of those communities can be a tremendous help in your search where to find glass bongs for cheap online.

Another key area we were looking at for these sites was cost of product vs quality of product. We know you’re looking for where to find glass bongs for cheap online, but cheap isn’t all that you’re looking for. What good is saving a few bucks if the piece you find isn’t a quality product? Not good at all, in our books. When looking at these websites we wanted to find the best deals on the best products, it’s as simple as that – and all of the sites we listed delivered. We’re honestly not sure how some of these sites can even afford to sell their glass for this cheap, but we’re not upset about it, because answering the question of where to find glass bongs for cheap online would be practically impossible if they didn’t deliver maximum savings to us as consumers. As mentioned before, headshops struggle with hitting prices this low due to a higher overhead, but the online shops we’ve listed are able to deliver incredibly competitive and affordable pricing on account of their smart business practises and their competitiveness against others in their industry. Just to reiterate, if you’re looking for quality glass bongs for cheap, you’ve got to look online.

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