Where to Buy Hemp Wick

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Walk with Me, Young Stoney Baloney

If you are the kind of stoner we know and love here at Stealthy Stoner, and we love all stoners at Stealthy Stoner, you remember that first time you smoked with a buddy who pulled out his hemp wick. The first time you see it, it seems a bit bizarre. What’s going on? I’m so used to just putting lighter to bud. There’s a middleman now? But as soon as your buddy sees your confusion, he then explains that the lighter he’s using is on the verge of lasting him a full year, and suddenly your skepticism subsides. Hemp wick is one of the greatest innovations to grace the world of bud. For those unfamiliar, hemp wick is a tremendous alternative for lighting your bud. It is as simple as lighting the end of these carefully made rolls of twine made of pure hemp. It holds its burn incredibly well, which means you rarely ever need to spark your lighter! Bics will start lasting you centuries!

The best part about hemp wick is that it is just like you and I, meant for much more beyond weed, but we’re much more fun when the weed is around. That’s right, smoke seshes aren’t the only thing you can use hemp wick for. You can really use it to light anything in a much more healthy, and cost-effective manor. Personally I also use mine to light my candles, light my mini-grill (great for camping trips), and my cat.

Where can I buy hemp wick?

So let’s get to it. Now that you’re familiar with this genius of greenery, you’re probably wondering, “Where can I buy hemp wick?” There are a few great places to buy hemp wick, and these are the few I trust to deliver us the perfect product every time.

The first of these is Hempwick.com. As though their product was not solid enough, this website is one of those that makes you feel like you walked into your favorite hometown head shop with just the click of a mouse. Not only does this site make you feel at home upon sight, but it also gives a detailed look into the two owners of the company, Barrett and Jav, who refer to themselves as “the Hippies”. They give us a little inside look and the production side of things, where it’s revealed that they craft some of their products by hand. This kind of care that goes into their products not only shows the passion and pride they take in their work, it also ensures quality time, and time again. Another awesome part about their site is that you can start yourself off with a free sample of their hemp wick before making your first purchase! I took full advantage of this offer and was not disappointed. Click here to check out the hemp wick at hempwick.com!

Another great site to buy hemp wick from is humboldt-traders.com. Humboldt Traders is another great company that takes pride in the quality of their products. I have yet to be a personal customer of Humboldt Traders, but solely based off of customer reviews, it is safe to say that exceeding your expectations for their high-in-demand hemp wick is a top priority. Just like hempwick.com, you can enjoy a free sample of Humboldt Traders’ product before deciding to buy hemp wick. Using hemp string for smoking has been a practice that the good people at Humboldt Traders have been well acquainted with for quite some time. Along with their hemp wick alone, another great product they carry is their hemp wick dispensers. These are a hot commodity for the new element they bring to the table of hemp wick, which is stylish portability. Each hemp wick dispenser is somewhat clear, but tinted with the color of your preference. The hemp wick is fed through the middle of a cork, which serves as the cap to the dispenser. This accessory is easy, practical, and convenient. Click here to check out hemp wick and hemp wick accessories at humboldt-traders.com!

To Wrap it All Up

Whether you are someone who has been familiar with the hemp wick trend for quite some time now, or you are just now becoming acquainted, this is a product that will change the way you smoke as you know it for the better. Hemp string for smoking is one of the stoner world’s greatest innovations since the vaporizer. It’s cost-effective, organic, and makes you feel ten times cooler when using it. It does for me, at least. If you are like me, you are tired of burning through lighters like it’s nothing. Lighters don’t just grow from the earth, but hemp wick does. (Obviously not in wick form, but you get what I’m going for here.) So the next time you are asking yourself, “Where can I buy hemp wick?”, look no further than these fantastic websites mentioned above.

Never come down, my friends.

– Tarlton

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