Top 5 Best One Hitter Pipes For Smoking Weed

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One hitters are a classic in the weed world. They are a great starting pipe for newcomers to smoking, but also have lots of value for seasoned stoners. One hitters are perfect for trying to remain stealthy. A few of the pipes on this list look exactly like a cigarette, and as long as someone isn’t right next to it, you can’t tell a difference. One hitters are also the easiest thing to hide. They are so small they can fit anywhere. Another HUGE benefit to using one hitters is how efficient they are. You will get higher off way less weed using one. This is because you inhale 100% of the smoke, unlike other pipes that continue to burn the weed after your hit. Today I am going to cover the 3 best one hitter pipes for smoking weed. Let’s jump right into it!

Top 5 Best One Hitter Pipes

One HitterComments Rating

#1 The Box Dugout

The inside of this dugout is the best one hitter of all time
Durable, and a classic choice for the stealthy stoner. The complete package (one hitter, dugout, cleaner tool).5/5

#2 The Claw

A great one hitter pipe made by dc crafts
Unique claw tipped design makes this the best overall one hitter.5/5

#3 Classic Cigarette One Hitter Pipe

One of the best one hitter pipe for smoking marijuana
Inconspicuous and reliable, a good choice for any stoner. 4.2/5

#4 TAK Aluminum Metal Tobacco Accessory

One of the best one hitters
Very durable and reliable. Not the best of the best, but a good choice nonetheless. 4/5

#5 Formax420 Reusable Metal Cigarette Holder Accessory

One of the best one hitter pipes
Inconspicuous and affordable, but not spacious enough to accommodate a comfortable amount of herb. 3.6/5

#5  Formax420 Reusable Metal Cigarette Holder Accessory

One of the best one hitter pipes



This one hitter pipe is affordable, and a good beginners one hitter, but takes a hit in quality that puts it on number five on this list. There’s not quite enough room to comfortably pack bud into this product, it’s possible, don’t get us wrong, but more room is definitely needed for a comfortable experience. On the other hand, it has an inconspicuous and simple design, which is very beneficial to the stealthy stoner. Click here to learn more on Amazon!

#4 TAK Aluminum Metal Tobacco Accessory

One of the best one hitters


This little guy is inconspicuous and durable. Being made of aluminum, if you treat it right (or even if you don’t) this one hitter should last you years. It’s design takes the appearance of a cigarette; the perfect cover for a stealthy stoner. This isn’t quite the best, but it is one of the best one hitter pipes. Click here to learn more on Amazon!


#3 Classic Cigarette One Hitter Pipe

One of the best one hitter pipe for smoking marijuana

This deal actually comes with 2 one hitter pipes. They both look identical, one is just smaller. This is definitely your best option if you are trying to be stealthy with smoking. The one hitter looks just like a cigarette, no one will be able to tell what you have inside. This package also comes with a cleaner tool. This is very important because after a decent amount of usage, the one hitter will get clogged. Simply stick the tool through the one hitter multiple times and you’ll be unclogged in a matter of seconds. Overall this one hitter is great for helping you to not get caught, earning its place on the list of the best one hitters. Click here to check it out on Amazon (only $1!).

#2 The Claw (The Best One Hitter)


The Claw is actually the one hitter included in the below product, The Box. It ranks as the best one hitter because of its unique and incredibly useful claw tipped design. The tip of The Claw is, well, clawed. It breaks up your bud and makes for extremely easy breaking and packing of herb. This is our recommended choice of one hitter, and the overall best one hitter. Click here to learn more on Amazon!

#1 The Box Dugout (The Best One Hitter + Dugout)


Now this isn’t just a one hitter, and I was hesitant of including it on the list. This is called a dugout, or a one hitter dugout – and in our opinion, it’s the best way to enjoy a one hitter. The Claw, (the one hitter in our #2 spot) is a bit pricey by itself, but if you just want a one hitter, it’s a great choice. The Box actually comes with The Claw, along with a storage compartment for herb and a cleaner tool – it’s truly the best choice for the smoker on the lookout for a one hitter. The way one hitter dugouts work is by storing weed in one side and keeping your one hitter in the other. Besides a lighter, this container will store everything you need to smoke. Dugouts also make it very easy to pack your one hitter, all you have to do is stick it in the side which keeps your weed. This one hitter dugout also comes with a cleaner tool like the first one of the list. A dugout is a great tool if you want somewhere to keep everything in one place. Click here to buy The Box!

When it come to choosing the best one hitter, the average stoner has many options. However, if you are familiar with your smoking style and desired level of stealth the choices begin to narrow down. At the end of the day your decision on a one hitter won’t make or break you, and replacements are cheap so if your first pick isn’t your best pick it’s no big deal. A one hitter is a nice addition to any stoner’s arsenal and makes quick, stealthy smoke sessions a breeze.

How to clean your one hitter

Now that you have your one hitter pipe, let’s talk about cleaning it. It takes some time for your one hitter to get dirty, but if you keep using it it definitely will. Once it gets dirty enough it could eventually get clogged. This will make it much harder to suck through and get your full hit. There are a few ways to go about cleaning you one hitter. The best way for a quick clean is to take something small and long and stick it through. This will get the major build up taken care of. A lot dugouts will come with one (the one linked above does). Now, if you want a squeaky clean, good as new one hitter you are going to need a little bit more. What you will need is a plastic bag, rubbing alcohol, and salt. Put your one hitter in the baggie and pour salt on it. If you can try to get the salt inside the one hitter. From there, take the alcohol and pour enough in the bag so the one hitter is completely covered. Now shake and let it sit for 20 minutes or so. When you take the one hitter out wash it out with water and it will be good as new!

Now that we’ve answered the question, what is the best one hitter, we hope you’ve found what you need to add a beautiful new one hitter pipe to your stealthy stoner arsenal. As always, stay high, and thanks for reading!


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