Top 3 Best Sploofs For Weed | What’s The Best Sploof?

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The smell of marijuana smoke is potent, instantly recognizable, and a big problem for any would-be stealthy stoner. You could crack a window, but then you’re one small gust of wind away from a smoke filled room. You could go outside, but this isn’t always possible, and even if it is the smoke can still stick to your clothes. The best and most reliable solution to the problem of weed smoke is a sploof; and we here at Stealthy Stoner won’t settle for just any sploof, we’ve done the research (both online and in the field) to find the best sploof there is. So without further adieu, here are the top 3 best sploofs for weed:

#3 The Homemade Sploof

A toilet paper sploof

The homemade sploof. It’s timeless, it’s got character, and it almost does the job right. Almost. Homemade sploofs won’t last as long, or filter the smell of smoke as efficiently as others on this list, but if you’re in a bind and need something quick, it’ll get the job done. The process of making one is simple enough, requiring only a toilet paper roll, a rubber band, some dryer sheets, and a sharpie if you’d like to add a personal touch. If you’d like to see more on how to build your own homemade sploof, check out our article by clicking this link.

 #2 Smoke Buddy 

smoke buddy product review

The Smoke Buddy is a portable carbon air filter that does a fantastic job at limiting the smell of smoke. It comes in all different shapes and sizes, from junior to original to the mega model. They’re also available in multiple different colors, including glow in the dark (note, if stealth is your priority, glowing brightly in dark rooms should probably be avoided). The Smoke Buddy is very reliable, doing a fantastic job at turning smoke into filtered, clean smelling air. The only down side is the limited use of the product. After around 300 uses (which goes by quicker than you’d expect) the filter becomes inefficient, and it’ll be necessary to purchase a whole new Smoke Buddy. Overall the Smoke Buddy does a fantastic job as a filter, and is highly recommended. Click here to check out the Smoke Buddy!

#1 Sploofy (The Best Sploof)

Sploofy, the best sploof for weed

Our #1 best sploof for weed is the Sploofy. The Sploofy does an incredible job at filtering smoke into clean, fresh smelling air, equal, perhaps even better than the Smoke Buddy. Where Sploofy earns it’s #1 spot though, is through the magic of replaceable cartridges. When your Sploofy starts to become less efficient at filtering smoke, instead of buying a whole new sploof, you can purchase carbon filter cartridges from Sploofy themselves in bulk, much cheaper than replacing the sploof itself. Your initial purchase will come with one filter installed already, and one extra refill, courtesy of Sploofy. This is our pick for the best sploof for weed due to its quality and reusability, and is a highly recommended purchase for any stealthy stoner. If you’d like to purchase a Sploofy for yourself, click here to check it out on Amazon!


Sploofs are a crucial part of the stealthy stoner’s arsenal. When trying to find the best sploof for weed, the most important thing to look at is your specific situation. In a bind with low funds and need something quick? Homemade it is. Have a bit of money to spend and looking for a high quality, long lasting product? The Sploofy is the one for you. Whatever you end up choosing, stay safe, stay high, and thanks for reading!

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