4 Best Dugout Pipes For Weed: One Hitter Dugout Pipe Reviews

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A dugout pipe (or a just a dugout, the terms can be used interchangeably) is a fantastic way to stash everything in one location, but before we answer the question: What is the best dugout pipe, we’ll have to know what exactly a dugout is. A dugout pipe is a container that that has two compartments. One side holds a one hitter pipe, while the other is a place to store your weed. It works well because to pack your one hitter, all you have to do is stick it in the side with the weed, and bam it’s packed. You never even have to touch the weed. Dugout one hitters are perfect for people just starting to smoke, experienced smokers, and anyone in between. They are convenient, allow you to be more stealthy, and help you keep track of everything. There are a lot of different dugout pipes on the market, many cheap ones and very few good, high quality dugouts that are still affordable.

Top 5 Best Dugout Pipes


#1) The Box (The Best Dugout)

Powerful spring, helpful cleaner tool, and genius bat design makes for the best dugout available.5/5

#2) Handcrafted Oak Wood Dugout

One of the best dugouts for one hitters in the world
High quality, inconspicuous, and durable.4.7/5

#3) Handcrafted Pressed Wood Kaleidoscope

Beautiful look, and gets the job done. 4.3/5

#4) Composite Dugout

The best composite dugout for storing weed
Missing a cleaner, but durable, smell proof, and reliable. 4/5

#5) Wooden DUGOUT One Hitter

One of the best dugouts

Like all the best dugouts pipes, these on the list below are all spring-loaded. This means that when you twist the cap open, the dugout will pop up as seen in the picture below. This is a huge benefit that most dugouts at your local head shop won’t have. The reason this is so important is because if your dugout doesn’t have a spring it, your one hitter can easily get stuck. The only way to really get it out once it gets stuck is to turn it upside down and shake it until it finally comes out. The only issue with this is that there will most likely be weed stored in the other compartment. The last thing we want is to spill our weed by just trying to get the one hitter out. Believe me when I say don’t buy a cheap dugout!

So, without further adieu, let’s answer the question: what is the best one hitter dugout?

#5 Wooden DUGOUT One Hitter

One of the best dugouts and dugout pipe

This dugout pipe is made from 100% mahogany and is built to last. It’s swivel top design makes for easy access to your herb and/or bat (one hitter), which is a convenient feature. It is, as is each one hitter dugout on this list, equipped with a spring loaded storage compartment; a necessity for any high quality dugout. While it isn’t the best of the best, this is a high quality dugout, no doubt. Click here to learn more on Amazon!

#4 Composite Dugout

The best composite dugout and dugout pipe for storing weed

The composite dugout pipe is a great option if you plan on keeping your dugout for years. Since it is not made of wood, it will not rot. Being made composite makes it very unique in the field of dugouts, and definitely worth your attention. This dugout also is mostly smell proof and comes with a one hitter pipe (aka a bat)  you see in the picture. The main downside to this dugout (and the reason it isn’t the best dugout) is that it doesn’t have a cleaner tool that makes cleaning the one hitter a breeze. Either way its still a great option, click here to check it out on Amazon!


#3 Handcrafted Pressed Wood Kaleidoscope

A designer dugout and dugout pipe for weed

This awesome dugout one hitter earns its spot on the list of the best dugout due to its high quality, and unique kaleidoscope design. Each one of these looks a little different, because of the nature of the design process, so you’ll have a high quality, one-of-a-kind dugout to call your own. It includes a one hitter, it is spring-loaded, and offer much more room for storing your bud than the first one. If you want a good looking, unique dugout that still get the job one, this is the dugout for you. Click here to view it on Amazon!

#2 Handcrafted Oak Wood Dugout 

One of the best dugouts and dugout pipe for one hitters in the world

This dugout one hitter earned its spot as the number 2 best dugout for weed for being all around high quality. It is spring loaded like the rest, comes with plenty of room to store your weed, and doesn’t look suspicious. This dugout pipe is also very durable and has survived many years of rough use. It comes complete with everything you need, including a high quality one hitter and  cleaner tool. Click here to learn more on Amazon!

#1) The Box (The Best Dugout Pipe)


“The Box” is a newcomer to the dugout field, but it has proven itself to be top of the line. A common problem in dugouts, including those on this list, are that the bat is difficult to access, due to a weak spring. The Box has an incredibly powerful spring making for very easy access to your bat. The bat, by the way, is what truly sets this dugout apart from the rest. The bat that comes with The Box features a unique claw tipped design. This design makes for easy breaking up of your bud when you go to pack a hit, resulting in finely ground, smoothly smoking herb. The Box’s design is sleek and inconspicuous, making for easy transportation without arousing suspicion. The storage compartment is sizable enough to fit a healthy amount of herb, while The Box remains small enough for stealthy travel. The Box also comes with a convenient cleaner tool, to break up any built up herb in the bat. This is truly the complete package.

Overall, The Box shines due to its claw tipped bat, sleek design, and strong spring in its bat compartment. This is, in our opinion, the best dugout pipe. Click here to buy The Box!

A dugout pipe is a wonderful thing. Convenient, portable, durable, and reliable. In some situations, a good dugout pipe could be all you need on your stoner toolkit (along with some herb of course), so the choice of which dugout is for you, and which dugout is truly the best dugout, is not one to take lightly. The most important thing to take into consideration when searching for the best dugout is the quality of the build and material. With the right purchase made, you could have your dugout for life, saving you precious time and money. Just make sure you get one that is spring loaded and durable and it will be the only dugout you will ever buy!

Why Choose a Dugout Pipe?

With so many options when it comes to smoking your herb, why should you choose a dugout pipe? As someone who’s main tool in smoking is a dugout pipe, I feel qualified – almost obligated to explain this. Joints, bongs, blunts, etc are all great tools, don’t get me wrong, but the dugout pipe offers a versatility, convenience, and subtlety that these other options just don’t offer.

A dugout pipe is one of the most – if not the most – versatile tool in the smokers arsenal. The dugout itself serves as a container for your herb and one hitter (or bat). A well built dugout is relatively smell proof, small enough to fit in your pocket, and durable enough to survive as much accidental abuse you can throw at it. Within the dugout, you have both your smoking tools, the herb to smoke, and, in a well made dugout, a cleaner tool. Any other option will fail to offer the versatility the dugout pipe offers. With joints, bongs, blunts, or practically any other choice, you will need a separate container for the herb along with the smoking device itself, but not with a dugout pipe.

On top of its unmatched versatility, a dugout pipe is by far the most convenient choice. No rolling or fumbling with papers, no packing down herb with your thumb, just take your bat and stick it in the dugout – voila, you’re ready to smoke. With the best dugouts the convenience factor is enhanced even more by the “claw” style bat tip. With this style there are metal “teeth” at the end of the pipe that, when stuck and twisted into the herb, acts as a sort of grinder, helping you get the perfect texture for a smooth hit. The convenience, much like the versatility, that a dugout pipe offers is simply unmatched by other options for smoking your herb.

The dugout pipe also offers a certain subtlety that many other choices cannot match. Bongs are obviously not subtle, this needs no explanation. Joints and blunts are slightly more subtle, but their continuous burning makes it the smell obvious, and makes it difficult to look natural in areas where your herb may not be appreciated. A dugout pipe, when it comes to smoking herb, the most subtle choice by far. Packing the dugout pipe, as stated before, is quick and simple. Smoking with your dugout pipe is even quicker, and even simpler. Just hold the bat, which often looks like a cigarette to the common observer, in your mouth, light the end, and lightly inhale. 3-5 seconds tops, and you’re done. Minimal excess smoke, and minimal time looking… less than subtle. If looking subtle is your goal, perhaps for the occasional outdoors toke, a dugout pipe is your best choice by far.

This combination of versatility, convenience, and subtlety makes the dugout pipe my favorite and most used tool to smoke herb by a long shot. Joints and blunts are great to pass around with friends, and a bong is perfect for getting the most out of your smoke session, but if you want a easy, convenient way to toke – while getting a lot out of the herb that you spent your hard earned money on, a dugout pipe is the best choice, there’s no doubt in my mind. Just to reiterate – there are different best choices for different situations – but if you want a tool that can cover, and excel in all of those situations, you need a dugout pipe.

And now we’ve finally answered the question, what is the best dugout? We’ve also covered a bit on why you may need a dugout pipe. We hope this article has helped you in choosing your dugout pipe! Thanks for reading, as always be safe and stay high.

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