Top 3 Best Bongs With Percolators

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Percolators (or percs) are incredibly important to not only the bong’s looks (you can’t tell me the sight of a turbine or a stereo perc in action doesn’t get you a little giddy), but also to the bongs performance. For those of you who aren’t quite familiar with the ins-and-outs of bongs, percolators, and bongs with percolators – let me give you a bit of a briefing before we get into the top 5 best bongs with percolators.


In short: Bong = good. Bong with percolator = great.


A percolator is basically another filter for your smoke. The perc holds water and acts as a separate water chamber for your smoke to travel through. This repetitive passing of the smoke through water cools the smoke, and leads to a much smoother hit for you. That’s why if you’re in the market for a truly great smoking experience, you want to find a bong with percolator, or even better yet percolators.


Now, I’m going to outline the top 5 best bongs with percolators. Keep in mind, while I will do my best to find the best bongs with percolators on the web, I couldn’t possibly look at them all, and this is only the opinion of one (very knowledgeable and experienced) stealthy stoner. Also, quality is not the only thing taken into consideration here at stealthy stoner – affordability is also a key proponent. If we didn’t keep affordability in mind, this list would be made up of exclusively pieces worth $1500 and up, and nobody wants that. With that being said, let’s begin with the number 3 best bong with percolator.



Leading off the list is Dankstop’s very own, 15” Double Honeycomb/9 Arm Tree Perc bong. This piece has a 5 inch base and 3 total percolators. From bottom to top, the first and second percs are both basic honeycombs, colored a light green to give it a bit of pop. The third perc is a 9 arm tree perc, stained the same light green. Along with these percs, the bong has a splash guard to stop water from escaping from the mouth piece. One downside to this piece is the lack of an ice catcher, meaning you don’t quite have every option for cooling your smoke.


#2) “Elite” Triple Stacked Honeycomb to Turbine Perc Tall Water Pipe

Next up is Smoke Cartel’s “Elite” Trip Stacked Honeycomb to Turbine Perc Tall Water Pipe. This thing is packed from top to bottom with percolators, so let’s go through them all real quick. Start from the bottom and go up to find back to back to back Honeycomb percs that’d make even Drake jealous (because, Back to Back… get it? Whatever.) Lastly, this piece is capped with a turbine perc to finish things off, filtering your smoke and giving you a silky smooth sesh.


#1) Sesh Supply “Kratos” Triple Chamber Inverted Showerhead Monster Can

Last up, and the best bong with percolator, is Smoke Cartel’s “Kratos” Triple Chamber Inverted Showerhead Monster Can. This thing is a beast, plain and simple. You want a bong with percolator? Well you’ve got one here. Featuring three inverted showerhead percs, the Kratos is quite at maximum percolation, but it’s close. The water is kept under control by the splash guard, and unlike the piece before it, the ice catcher sites above the guard, awaiting a few ice cubes to cool your smoke and smooth your sesh even more. This is a great piece, and our favorite bong with percolator.


So, what is the best bong with percolator? Well that’s up for debate. In our opinion, it’s the “Kratos”, found at number one on this list. This could stand as the indisputable champ, or it could change as we continue our research, or as readers like you send in suggestions. For now though, the Kratos reigns supreme. I hope this article helped you out in your quest for your next piece – thanks for reading!

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