Top 3 Best Air Freshener For Covering Up Weed Smell

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When it comes to covering up the smell of weed, you have many options. Now the most important thing to know when searching for the best air freshener for weed, is that only very few air fresheners eliminate smell. Most just cover it up. This works for a few minutes but once the smell wears off, you’ll be stuck with a room that smells just as bad as it did before you sprayed the air freshener. On this list we will only be covering products that eliminate smell. Now, air fresheners can be a variety of things from bottles that you spray, things that you plug into the wall, or car fresheners. Today I am just going to cover sprays as you can use it in any of these places. If you are looking for a plug in or car air freshener, then just go by the brands I mention. Before we get into the list let’s quickly talk about something that is just as important as an air freshener when it comes to hiding the smell of weed, and that is a solid smell proof container to store your weed in. Below is the DankTank, which in our opinion is the best smell proof stash jar on the market.

best smell proof container out there - the danktank

The DankTank completely traps in all smells and is the perfect place to store your bud. Click here to check it out on Amazon.

Without further ado let’s jump right into our list of the best air freshener for weed!

# 3 Febreze Air Freshener


A can of febreeze also known as one of the best air fresheners for weed smell

Febreze is a classic stoner go to for covering up weed smell. It works pretty well, but leans more towards covering up the smell more than completely eliminating it. One good thing about febreze is that its a common house hold item, so it won’t be as suspicious as some of the other may be. Amazon has the best prices on febreze, click here to check it out!

#2 Smoke Smell Be-Gone

Smoke smell be gone is a great air freshener for covering up the smell of weed

Smoke smell be-gone is a great product, and made specifically for covering up the smell of smoke. It definitely works better than febreze, and will majorly reduce the smell coming from your room or car. This air freshener smells almost like lemons, and will save your butt when you need to cover up the smell. Get more information on Amazon by clicking this link. But before you go running to Amazon to purchase one, check out whats below.

# 1 Ozium Air Freshener (The Best Air Freshener For Weed Smell)


Ozium is a great air freshener for covering up the smell of marijuana

Ozium is by far the best way to cover up the smell of weed. This heavy duty air freshener will leave you confused as to how it could possibly work so well. The only downside is that if you spray too much your car will smell way too strong of Ozium which could cause someone to be suspicious. The key is to only spray for a couple seconds where you need it the most. Works great in a car, room, or whenever you happen to be. Click here to view Ozium on Amazon. After you click that link I would browse around a little bit to see the other air freshener products that Ozium offers. They have way more than just sprays!

When it comes to searching for the best air freshener for weed, make sure that it eliminates smoke and not just covers it up. With that being said, there are still sprays that will claim they eliminate odor, but don’t whatsoever. That’s why I recommend you stick to what works such as #2 or #1 on this list. Thanks for reading and stay safe out there!

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