The Best Weed Lighters and Accessories

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Whether you are an occasional stoner or a heavy cannabis user, you might want to look for the best weed lighters and accessories to make your smoke sessions a little more comfortable. You might be looking for something convenient that will burn your weed well or a poker to fill your cones and blunts. These things will help every stoner make their lives a little easier. If you are looking for something that will help make smoking more comfortable, here is Stealthy Stoner’s list of the best weed lighters and accessories.

5. I-TAL Hemp Wick King Size

The I-Tal  hemp wick is a hemp wick ball that is 100 feet long. You will no longer need to go to the store after you buy this giant ball of string. The benefit of using hemp wick to burn your weed without using butane from a lighter to light your weed. Access butane from the lighter can enter your pipe and into your lungs over time, which is not healthy at all. Hemp wick is completely natural and is made out of hemp so you inhale this stuff all day (not literally). It works by first lighting the hemp wick with your lighter then using the flame from the hemp wick to burn your weed. No butane inhaled with this method! Frequent/everyday stoners should definitely use this more often to make sure their lungs don’t get damaged over time. The I-Tal hemp wick king size ball is definitely useful to anyone who smokes weed, which is why it makes it in our list of the best weed lighters and accessories.

4. Ryot SmellSafe

Do you need something small and inconspicuous to hold all your marijuana tools and such? Then look no further than the Ryot SmellSafe bag. This handy bag has three interior pockets to store all your stoner tools such as your weed lighters and rolling papers. This bag also has a removable pouch for extra space if you need to put your pipe in there or a bag of weed. The smell proof part that they advertise does not contain the smell of weed as much as I thought but it surely does reduce the smell. The Ryot SmellSafe is still great bag though and is definitely worth trying.

3. Cali Crusher Homegrown Grinder

Are you tired of buying those crappy grinders at the store that takes forever to grind your herb and gets sticky after a day? Well with the Cali Crusher grinders, you will not have to worry about that. The Cali Crusher grinders are the top of the line grinders that shreds your weed up perfectly and will last you for years to come. The Homegrown grinder is the latest grinder that Cali Crusher has came out with and it is amazing. Using a patented design, the Homegrown grinder by Cali Crusher grinds your weed up to the perfect texture to burn slowly and evenly. Some grinders out there grind your weed up too fine and powdery, which causes it to burn much faster and shorten your smoke session. With coarser buds that this grinder produces, you get a slower and more enjoyable burn. Also, this grinder is made here in the USA and has a life time warranty so you know it is quality.

2. Echo Pouch Smell Proof Bags

Echo Pouch is a great for weed lighters and accessories

Echo Pouch Smell Proof Bags

The Echo Pouch smell proof bags are great for carrying your bud anywhere you go. These baggies are made out of high grade plastic and aluminum to prevent smell from penetrating through the bags. The Echo Pouches are made out of thick material to prevent tears and punctures. You can carry the small size Echo Pouches (3 x 4.5 inches) almost anywhere you go; they could fit in your pocket or any compartment in your bag. A pack of these contains 15 small size bags, which is a great deal. These are great bags for any stoner out there and is certainly a great accessory to have. Go check out these bags by clicking here!

1. Raw Clipper Lighter (The Best Weed Lighters and Accessories)

When talking about the best lighters for weed, this is what you are looking for. Raw is already known for making some of the best weed related products such as rolling papers and their weed lighters are definitely one of them. The Raw Clipper weed lighters are refillable lighters that have a couple different uses for your smoke session. The circular base of the lighter fits perfectly in your bowls so you can push down your weed while you are smoking it. It works so much better than using the edge of a Bic lighter. On top of that, the flint at the top of the weed lighter actually comes out to provide you with a poking stick to stuff your cones or blunts, which is definitely useful at times. There are similar lighters out there but you can find these Raw lighters at almost any head shop. Because of how great this lighter is and how easy it is to get one, it makes it at the top of our list of the best weed lighters and accessories.

There so many more different weed lighters and accessories out there but some are better than others. These accessories certainly make your smoke sessions more comfortable. These helpful tools are great for any stoners out there. Here at Stealthy Stoner, we have picked out the 5 best weed lighters and accessories. Why not make your smoke sessions better? Give some of these things a try.

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