The Best Air Freshener For The Stealthy Stoner – Ozium

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Trying to remain stealthy while smoking indoors? Your best bet is to try to never let the room smell in the first place; but if its too late and you need to get rid of the smell, Ozium is your answer. Unlike most sprays, Ozium eliminates odor instead of just masking it.

When it comes to removing the smell of your smoke, masking it won’t cut it. Febreze, Axe and Glade are all guilty of masking and not eliminating (This is the difference between your room smelling like lemon haze, and just lemons). When it comes time to use your Ozium, I recommend spraying it for 1-3 seconds, depending on how much you smoked. Be sure to not use too much as it could seem obvious you are trying to cover something up.

While Ozium is great and has solved many of my problems, it still has its limits. If you hotbox your car and then spray Ozium, it will still smell a little while after. Want to avoid having to use Ozium all together? We recommend a vaporizer. But if that’s not possible, Ozium can be a valuable tool to cover your tracks.

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