The 5 Best Oil Rigs For Dabs

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Cannabis concentrates are becoming more and more popular these days, and some of you might be wondering what is the best oil rigs for dabs. Many people might argue that dabbing is better than smoking cannabis flowers for several reasons. For starters, cannabis concentrate for dabbing is much more potent than smoking cannabis flowers. On average, flowers on cannabis contains anywhere from 10-25% THC while concentrates can be anywhere up to 95% THC. The potency of concentrates allows a stronger and more lasting effect than smoking. Dabbing also does not leave any nasty resin like smoking a bowl or a bong does. Instead of leaving resin, dabbing leaves reclaim in the oil rig. Reclaim can be scraped out of your rig and be used to dab again or make edibles. The best part is, it tastes nowhere near as bad as resin. The water in the oil rig is also less gross when comparing it to bong water. Because there is no resin and burnt ashes, the water in the oil rig does not have an awful smell. There are no more worries about spilling or getting that nasty bong water in your mouth when you take a rip. Dabbing has many advantages over smoking cannabis flower, which is why many people prefer concentrates. If you are one of many who loves dabbing, you probably want a nice rig to smoke that wax. There are many great oil rigs in different shapes and sizes out there, and Stealthy Stoner has done you a favor by choosing the 5 best oil rigs for dabs.

5. Errl Can 10mm

The Errl Can is the best oil rig for dabs

Errl Can Oil Rig

The Errl Can is definitely an interesting piece to look at. It is modeled after the classic oil can, which gives the rig its odd shape. This is one of the best oil rigs for someone’s first piece or anyone who is looking for cheap glass to dab out of. The Errl Can is only six inches tall so its easy to hide and is relatively inconspicuous. It comes with a hollow titanium nail so all you need is a torch and some wax and you are good to go.

4. Chill Oil Pod

The Oil Pod is the best oil rig for its size

Chill Oil Pod

The Chill Oil Pod is a really cool piece that is basically a hand pipe and an oil rig put together. This game-changing piece allows you to dab stealthily from almost any place on the go, and it is very easy to use. You first put your concentrate into the bowl of the Chill Oil Pod. Pull out the titanium dabber and heat it. Then dip the dabber into the bowl to heat your concentrate. The Chill Oil Pod is an innovative way of dabbing and is worth it to give this dabber a try.

3. Road Runner by Home Blown Glass

Not exactly a rig, but still one of the best oil rigs

Road Runner Dry Dabber

The Road Runner is another dabber that does not use water to dab concentrates. Unlike the Chill Oil Pod, the Road Runner is made out of glass and does not need a dabber to hit the concentrate. It works by heating up the tip of the Road Runner with a torch and directly “pecking” the wax out of the container like a bird (Hence the name, Road Runner). Never has been it been this easy to take a dab on the go, which is why the Road Runner makes it on our list of the best oil rigs for dabs.

2. Bates Worm Outside Diffusions Pump Bubbler by Grav Labs

One of the best oil rigs is the Grav Labs Bates Worm bubbler

Grav Labs Bates Worm Oil Rig

The Bates Worm Outside Diffusion Pump Bubbler is one of the best oil rigs for dabs if you are looking for the smoothest rips. This diffusion pump bubbler was created by a collaboration between two well known glass companies, Bates & Worm and Grav Labs. The unique thing about this pipe is that the water is filled up almost to the top of the rig, which is very uncommon among many water pipes and rigs. When hitting this oil rig, the water is pulled through a diffusion pump and then through some glass beads which breaks the bubbles up into many smaller bubbles. The little bubbles will help cool the smoke passing through the rig. Definitely a cool piece to have if you are a dab lover.

1. Bear Mountain Studios Honey Pot Recycler (The Best Oil Rig for Dabs)

The Honey Pot Recycler is the best oil rig for dabs

Bear Mountain Studios Honey Pot Recycler

Bear Mountain Studios is the best of the best if you are looking for the best oil rigs. Considered as a top shelf piece, this will definitely catch some attention if you bring this out for your next smoke sesh. Everything about this piece is hand made in Colorado including the awesome custom glass dome. The Honey Pot Recycler is made up of four inline percs to offer the most filtration as possible. With each of the four percs attached to the main chamber, this piece is quite durable. The beauty of the Honey Pot Recycler and the functionality of it makes it outstanding and the best oil rig for dabs out there.

All in all, there are many different kinds of oil rigs out there to buy. They can use water or can be dry, and they can either be expensive or cheap. We have picked the five best oil rigs for dabs based on different prices, quality, and functions. Each having their pro’s and con’s. Essentially, it is up to you to choose the best oil rigs for yourself. Thank you for reading our Stealthy Stoner article for the best oil rigs for dabs. Happy dabbing!


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