The 3 Best Marijuana Pipes For Sale

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Finding the best marijuana pipes for sale is not an easy thing to do. There are so many different pipes out there that comes in so many different shapes and forms, and different marijuana pipes offer different advantages and disadvantages. The best marijuana pipes are mostly bongs and hand pipes. The great thing about using bongs is the fact that it use water to cool the smoke down when it passes through the pipe. This makes the smoke easier to inhale and also makes it healthier to smoke out of than most other methods. The downside of using a bong is that it has bong water, which smells awful and is just gross in general. Bongs are also bigger and less conspicuous than hand pipes, which limits your opportunities to smoke if you care about getting caught. Hand pipes are great because you can bring them almost everywhere and is easy to hide. You do not get the water filtration that you from a bong but a hand pipe will get the job done by getting you high. Here is a list of the three best marijuana pipes for sale. If you are looking to buy a pipe, Stealthy Stoner definitely recommends buying one of these three marijuana pipes.

3. Grav Labs Coil Shower Head Bong

The coil shower head bong by Grav Labs is a great overall piece because it offers good percolation, it’s offered at a reasonable price, and it’s a solid piece of glass. The smoke starts at the bottom of the coil then travels up and back down where it will be percolated by the shower head at the base. Also with a water line half way up the pipe, the smoke will be well cooled and smooth when it enters your lungs. Along with its great function, the Grav Labs bong is made out of quality, thick glass and a well-built, sturdy base. All in all, it is one the best marijuana pipes out there for its price.

2. Grav Labs Helix Classic Pipe

On the more handheld side of things, the Grav Labs Helix Classic pipe is a hand pipe that makes the smoke swirl as you hit it. This makes it in our list of the best three marijuana pipes for sale because it is very unique when comparing the Helix to other hand pipes out there. Most hand pipes out there are basic and do not offer cool features like Helix does. There is also a perk of having the smoke swirl in the pipe before it reaches your mouth. Because the smoke is swirling as it travels through the pipe, it has more time to cool as it makes its way to your mouth, which makes the smoke more smooth to inhale. Grav Labs is also known to have high quality glass and is a trusted name so you do not have to worry about your piece breaking so easily when you bring it to places.

1. Diamond Glass Heizman Matrix Perc

If you are looking the best marijuana pipe that is big and fancy, then here is the best marijuana pipe for you. The Diamond Glass Heizman Matrix pipe contains two matrix percs that are cool to look at and offers the smoothest hits to your lungs. It also has an ice catcher at the top for you to throw some ice cubes to make each bong rip cooler and smoother. The Diamond Glass bong comes in two different colors; it comes in black and a flashy orange as shown above. Diamond Glass is another trusted glass brand that offers good quality pieces and it is definitely worth getting a piece from them. From what we have seen if you have room in your weed budget, this bong is the real deal when talking about the best marijuana pipes.

It is ultimately up to the person to see what the best marijuana pipes are for them. There is a big difference between hand pipes and bongs, and it up to the person if they want portability, smoother hits, or better quality glass. Stealthy Stoner has listed the three best pipes each with different pros and cons. Now it is up to you to choose a pipe and start getting high. Thank you for reading this article for the three best marijuana pipes for sale!


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