The 3 Best Marijuana Ashtrays

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Some people forget how important it is to have a good place ash your weed when you are smoking a joint or done with a bowl. Finding the best marijuana ashtray is essential if you are going to smoke weed. Yes, you can use a water bottle or an old soda can but you are still going to miss some ashes and you have to deal with a disgusting pile of watery weed ashes. It is a must have for any stoner because it will keep your smoking area much cleaner. There won’t be ashes in the carpet or roaches all over the backyard. Marijuana ash trays are definitely any weed smoker’s friends. Here at Stealthy Stoner, we have picked out the best weed ashtray for you.

3. Tap Dat Ash Ashtray 

The Tap Dat Ash is a very useful ashtray when compared to other marijuana ashtrays out there. It is made out of heat resistant silicon so that you can ash your glass pipes with ease. Why would bang your expensive glass piece against a piece of metal? The Tap Dat Ash also holds some of your marijuana tools including rolling papers and dab tools. This marijuana ash tray is definitely a solid product overall. The many usages that the Tap Dat Ash provides is the reason why Stealthy Stoner thinks that this is one of the best marijuana ashtrays to choose from.

2. Butt Bucket 

The Butt Buck is especially handy for you stoners who smoke a lot of blunts and joints. This marijuana ashtray allows you to just stick the roach of the blunt or joint into Butt Bucket and forget about it. Unlike any other ashtrays out there, this contains the smell of the smoked marijuana. You can bring this anywhere you go so that means there less joint filters on the ground and blunt roaches out of sight. Also for the price of this thing, the Butt Bucket should be the choice of marijuana ashtray for you stoners who love to roll up.

1. Kind Cache (The Best Marijuana Ashtray) 

The Kind Cache is a must-have weed ashtray for any stoner out there. This ashtray has the advantage of being made out of silicon and the durability of metal. The high temperature resistant silicon snaps onto the metal bowl that holds the ash. Now you can ash your bowls gently without worry of breaking it and have a durable ashtray to last you a long time. The Kind Cache also comes with a insertable tool holder that slips between the silicon and the metal. It holds your papers, dab tool, and lighters. On top of that, this marijuana ashtray comes in many awesome colors choices. Stealthy Stoner definitely recommends buying this if you want an overall solid marijuana ashtray for everyday use.

Everybody should get an ashtray if they want to smoke weed. It is an essential to keep your smoking spot clean and smell proof from ashes. Now that we have found some of the best marijuana ashtrays for you, choose which one is the best for you. It would surely improve your smoking experience. Thank you for reading this article about the best marijuana ashtray for your smoke session.

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