Stink Sack Review | The Best Smell Proof Bag

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The best smell proof bag on the market

The Stink Sack is a fantastic product when it comes to smell proof bags. It earned the number 1 spot over on our list of the best smell proof bags for weed, and we decided to do a separate Stink Sack review. Not only does the Stink Sack trap the smell of anything inside, it is also water/humidity proof. This means that the bags will keep your bud fresh and allow it to remain healthy for a longer period of time. When Stink Sack claims that their bags are smell proof, they aren’t lying. As long as you fully seal the bag, no smell will leak out. This makes Stink Sacks great for if you either have multiple strains, or want to divide your bud up into smaller amounts. Another great thing is that most of the bags that Stink Sack makes aren’t see through. You can’t see the weed and you can’t smell it, how will anyone ever know its there? The bags are also washable and reusable. Stink Sacks come in many quantities and colors.

Stink Sack Review: Best Bag Designs (click the pictures for more info)

Camo version of a stink sack featured in this stink sack review

This camo version is perfect if you want to be even more stealthy! It will blend right in with your surroundings.

A review of the stink sack

This is the classic stink sack.

A skull pattern featured in this stink sack review

This skull print design is perfect if you want people to know you are serious when it comes to your smell proof bags.

What would I rate a Stink Sack?

Honestly I would have to give Stink Sacks 5 stars. I’ve never had a problem with any of the bags. They never tear or break and last for a long time. I personally use Stink Sacks on a daily basis for stashing my herbs. I highly recommend you get your hands on these baggies. Amazon has the cheapest prices on Stink Sacks, click here to check them out.

Thanks for reading my Stink Sack review, and as always be safe and stay high.


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