Smoking Vaped Weed: The Ultimate Way to Conserve Weed

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Here at Stealthy Stoner we are all about vaporizers. They are much better for remaining stealthy, healthier for you, and you can smoke the weed that you vape! Yep that’s right, collect all of the weed you vape and you can smoke this when you run out of weed. Now, smoking ABV (already been vaped) weed will not get you as high as regular weed and won’t taste quite as good, but its a great way to conserve your weed and get as high as possible off the littlest amount of weed. The reason this works is because there is still left over THC in the weed you vape. By smoking the ABV, you inhale the remaining THC and get to mix the two different highs of vaping and smoking.

The way to get the most out of this technique is to stop vaping a little earlier than you normally would (when its a light brown color). This way when you get around to smoking your vaped weed, it will taste much better than if the weed were vaped until it was black. Another way to use your vaped weed is to use it to make edibles. Vaped weed is already decarboxylated (this is usually the first step you take when making edibles) making it perfect for edibles. From personal experience, using brown ABV weed in edibles works almost as good as using fresh weed. Another quick tip to think about is rolling your vaped weed into joints or blunts, mixing it with regular weed. This is good because joints and blunts are usually the most wasteful way of smoking, and this makes it more cost effective.

That’s all for today folks, remember smoking vaped weed is the most conservative and cost effective way of getting high!

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