Smoke Buddy Jr Review

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The smoke buddy is one of the best tools a marijuana smoker can use to eliminate the smell, and now you can buy a mini version, the smoke buddy Jr! What is a smoke buddy? A smoke buddy is a device that filters smoke. Simply blow smoke in one end, and clean air comes out the other. The product is absolutely amazing and has allowed me to smoke indoors for years without getting caught. View the smoke buddy Jr on Amazon.

Smoke Buddy Jr Review: How does the Jr compare to other smoke buddy models?

I initially thought the smoke buddy jr wouldn’t filter smoke nearly as well as the smoke buddy or smoke buddy mega, but I was wrong. The smoke buddy Jr seemed to work just as well as the other models. The only real differences across all 3 smoke buddy models are the size and how long it will last. The smoke buddy Jr is a great choice if you are trying to be stealthy since its smaller and easier to hide. The smoke buddy doesn’t necessarily look suspicious, but its still something that could raise eyebrows. If you are worried about someone seeing it and questioning you, the smoke buddy Jr is probably going to be your best bet.  The smoke buddy Jr will filter smoke for around 200 hits, opposed to the regular smoke buddy’s 300 hits,  according to the makers. From experience, it seems that they last around the same time. The Jr is going to cost you $8 where as the regular smoke buddy goes for $12.  View the smoke buddy Jr on Amazon here and the original smoke buddy here

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