How To Smoke Out of a Bong – Full Guide

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How to Smoke out of a Bong

There are a ton of ways in which to indulge in the feel-good herb. You can put it into a pipe or a bowl, you can roll the marijuana into a blunt, you can roll it into a joint, and, of course, you can also smoke out of a bong.

Smoking out of a bong is a wonderful way to experience the herb, with a far more intense high than what is offered using traditional means of smoking. Bongs are usually filled with water, giving a more intense throat hit and fulfilment to the toker. It’s also fun when you’re with a group of friends and want to have a fantastic time.

But, you don’t want to be the only one in the crowd that’s never used a bong before without a clue as to what you do. Here we’ll prevent any embarrassment while helping you learn how to smoke out of a bong and enjoy the same effects as your doobie friends.

It’s a Bong Thing

The bong being used for herbal enjoyment is important. So many of them are out there, so be sure to take the time to find one that is high-quality, durable, and, of course, has the look that you’re after. You can find bongs in an assortment of shapes, sizes, styles, and designs, so no matter what you’re looking for, it is available.

The 8-inch Hookah is one that many people like to use when smoking out of a bong. It is small and simple to use, and has the great Rasta colors that get you in the mood for a great smoke sesh. It is cheap and affordable, so do not expect anything extraordinary from the bong. Nonetheless, it is a bong that makes smoking fun.

Since most bongs are hand-created, you can find many more in addition to the item listed above, such as this cool dragon bong, or one of many others. Most true smokers have a few bongs in their house to keep the variety there. You’ll soon want such a collection, if you don’t already.

Hits from the Bong

Smoking out of a bong is simple, but keep in mind that the technique may slightly vary per the bong that you’re using.  Generally speaking, however, the following techniques should be used when you are smoking out of a bong.

  1. First, make sure that you have a good lighter on hand. By good lighter, we mean the Bic or the utility lighter. Avoid those cheap dollar store lighters, and don’t burn your fingers and waste fluid trying to use a Zippo.
  2. The bong should now be filled with water. Do not overfill it and do not underfill it. The right amount of water for the bong is about ½ to 1-inch of water. This varies according to the size of the bong.
  3. Pack the bowl portion of the bong with your favorite strain of herb. The better the herb, the better the hits from the bong. Opt for a Cannabis Cup winner, like Girl Scout Cookies or Durban Poison if you have access.
  4. Make sure that the marijuana is broken up slightly before placing it into the bowl. Also, be sure that you put enough herb into the bowl, because if too little is placed inside, it may only seep through the holes. When smoking out of a bong, you won’t need a weed grinder because you do not want it that fine. Even still, it is good to have a grinder on hand.
  5. Cover the chamber of the bong with your mouth. Do not place your lips around the bong, but instead inside of it so all the smoke is inhaled directly into your mouth.
  6. Place a finger on the carb. The carb is a small hole that is typically found on the side of the bong. If you have a bong without a carb, you simply remove the bowl once the bong is filled with smoke.
  7. Light the herb as you inhale. Once the herb is lit, make sure that you stop the fire so not to waste the herb.
  8. Suck with full breath until the bong chamber is filled with smoke. If you have a carb, remove your finger now, or remove the bowl from the bong. Inhale as much of the smoke as you can.
  9. If you are unable to inhale all the smoke that has filled into the chamber, cover it with your hand or pass it to the next smoker in line. Remember, you can’t waste the herb!
  10. Hold the lungs in your throat for as long as possible, then release the smoke.
  11. A couple times around the room, and you will enjoy a high like you’ve never before experienced, but will certainly want to enjoy again and again in the future.

How to Smoke out of a Bong: Helpful Tips

If you came to learn how to smoke out of a bong, we hope this information have proven helpful to you. But before we go, we’d like to offer a few more tips, from one smoker to the next. These bong-smoking tips enhance the feel-good pleasure and ensure that you’re enjoying smoking from the bong.

  • If you find yourself coughing, you are losing the smoke, and the high that comes with it. Take smaller pulls until you can successfully hit the bong without coughing.
  • Take the time to choose the right bong. There is one out there for you, regardless of your budget or desires, so make sure that you find it.
  • Remember that when you learn how to smoke out of a bong, you’re also learning the safest way to smoke, removing many irritants from the herb and the smoke. It is a cleaner, deeper high that you will love to experience.
  • Keep your bong on solid, safe turf at all times. Bong water isn’t the most pleasant of smells and you don’t want to try to remove this one from your carpet!

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