Raw Joint Roller Review | Best Joint Rolling Machine Availabile

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Rolling a joint can take a long time – especially if you are new to it. A joint rolling machine will completely change the way you roll joints to this day. Even if you are an experienced joint roller, having a joint rolling machine will allow you to roll perfect joints in a fraction of the time it would normally take you. But what exactly is a joint roller? It’s a little tool that allows you to put in the weed and paper, roll the machine, and out comes a perfectly rolled joint every time. The best joint roller on the market is the Raw Roller. The Raw Roller comes in 2 sizes:

Raw 79 mm 1 1/4 Joint Roller

Raw joint roller

This roller is made to roll 1 1/4 sized joints (the regular size).

Raw 110 mm King Size Roller

King sized raw joint rolling machine

This raw roller is made for king sized joints (our personal favorite). Either of these two above options are greats, but if you are looking to get everything you need at once, I would highly recommend this Raw bundle pack:

Raw Bundle Pack


It comes with a rolling tray (so you don’t spill weed), a king sized Raw roller, 2 packs of king sized papers and filters. With this raw bundle you will be set for a long time. 

How does the Raw roller compare to other rollers?

The Raw roller is the best joint rolling machine on the market. It is very simple and easy to use, not to mention very sleek looking. It’s simple design allows you to roll perfect joints faster than any other. Check out Raw rollers on Amazon.

What all do I need to use a Raw roller?

To use a joint rolling machine you are going to need everything you need to roll a joint, plus the machine. This includes:

  • Joint papers
  • Filters (aka tips)
  • Weed 
  • Grinder (some may argue this is unnecessary, but having one will greatly improve the quality of joints you roll with the machine)
  • Raw Joint Roller

How do I use the joint rolling machine? 

Using a joint roller is very simple once you get it down, but may take a few attempts the first time you do it. The first step is to grind up all of your weed that you want to put into the joint. Open up the joint roller and place the weed inside, filling about 3/4 of the roller. From here you need to roll up a filter and put it in the remaining 1/4 of the rolling machine. All you have to do now is slide the paper into the slit and roll away. Make sure to not roll it too much or it will make the joint too tight and hard to inhale from.  This video does a great job explaining how to use the Raw Roller!

Once you use this beast of a joint roller you’ll never go back to rolling joints with your hands. Thanks for reading, and as always, stay high,



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