Pax vs Pax 2 – Is The Pax 2 Worth The Extra Money?

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Pax vs Pax 2: Is the Pax 2 worth the money?

The Pax is a sleek and powerful device (It took the #3 spot in our top 5 vaporizers). It’s clean, modern look being backed up by efficiency and vapor quality out of this world. So with that being said, how could Ploom’s newest offering beat the original?

The design itself (what the Pax is famous for) is very similar, which is a good thing in our opinion. No need for a complete redesign when you’re already the best looking vaporizer on the market. The Pax 2 does look and feel a little sleeker than the previous version. It comes in different colors than the original; black, silver, aqua, and red, all of which look pretty great. But what we need to pay attention to here isn’t the aesthetics, surprisingly enough, the real changes are on the inside.

First off is the battery. Ploom boasts 30% longer battery life, which is impressive considering the original lasted around 2 hours on a full charge. We have found that it seems closer to 2 times longer than the original pax. This comes at a cost though. While the original Pax took around an hour and a half to 2 hours to charge, the Pax 2 will take upwards of 3. An overnight charge should be fine, but get caught with a dead Pax 2 in midday and it’s going to be a little more of an inconvenience. This isn’t quite a deal breaker in our opinion, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind.

The Pax 2 incorporates “lip sensing technology”, which “optimizes heat and vapor production”. The technology definitely works, providing much cloudier hits than what we got with the first pax. There is also 1 extra temperature setting on the Pax 2, with 4 options instead of the original’s 3, which is a great thing for stealthy vaping.

Other than some small changes with mouthpiece and herb chamber, that’s pretty much all the improvements from the first to the second. So is the Pax 2 better than it’s predecessor? Yes, undoubtedly. Whether or not the price change is worth it is for you to decide. The original Pax goes for $200 (and is still going down), while the Pax 2 will retail for $280.

Pax vs Pax 2: The Verdict

When it comes to Pax vs Pax 2, would I rush out to replace my original Pax with the newest? Yes the Pax 2 is simply the Pax improved in many ways that are very noticeable. 

Click here to purchase the Pax 2 from Vape World, or click here to purchase the original Pax, also from Vape World.



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