Our Top 5 Vaporizers

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Before we begin, a quick disclaimer to avoid any confusion. This is the top 5 vaporizers in our opinion, you may disagree, this is common with opinions. Remember this is a website about staying sneaky with your vapes, so we’ll be taking size and smell into account big time. Also, we are talking about dry herb vaporizers, no concentrates here. We’ll be taking both quality and price into account with this list. With that being said, lets begin!  

5. Arizer Extreme Q

arizer_extremq_3 Arizer is a big name in the vaporizer business. Pumping out products left and right, all generally respected by the community, but all unique in their own way. The Extreme Q comes in at number 5 on our list, as it is one of the best choices on the market, but perhaps not the best if stealth is your main concern. The Extreme Q is unique on this list as it can be used in 2 different ways. You can either use it with a whip, a long tube to draw the vapor through, or with a bag, fill the bag up with vapor, take it off, and inhale. Each of these techniques will deliver quite a bit of vapor, resulting in you feeling pretty great, but also possibly resulting in a smellier situation than you may want. The quality of vapor put the Extreme Q on the list, but the lack of portability and odor problems kept it at number 5. If you’re not concerned about stealth, and just stumbled onto this list by chance, this could very well be the vape for you! If you’re interested in the Extreme Q, click here to visit a respected distributor, Vape World.

4. Arizer Solo

arizer-solo   At number 4, more from Arizer. The Solo maintains the fantastic vapor quality mentioned with the Extreme Q, but does so with a much more portable device. Small enough to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, the Solo comes equipped with 7 different temperature settings, which is great for stealthiness. In a safe spot to vape and want thick vapor clouds? Crank the temperature up! Looking for a more discrete session? Maybe the lower settings are better for you. One downside to the Solo, which is common among vaporizers, is the fact that it has to heat up for a few minutes before it’s ready for use. Impromptu sessions may be difficult because of this. It comes with a glass tube, which feels great to draw out of, and really makes this feel like a well designed and thought-out product. Great vapor and portable, but not as stealthy as possible. The Solo is a great device and is deserving of this number 4 spot. If you’re interested in the Arizer Solo, click here to visit a respected distributor, Vape World.

3. Pax

plm-pax-blk_1_3   The Pax is sometimes referred to as the iPod of vaporizers. Among all the bulky designs we’ve seen before, the Pax sticks out as a sleek, modern looking device; but does the performance match the looks? Yes it does. The Pax delivers great vapor quality and fits in your pocket with ease. One concern when it comes to stealth is the fact that it has a heating chamber, meaning your herb will need to be heated for a bit before starting, but it’s not too huge of a concern. With more stickier herbs, residue can build up in the heating chamber, but this goes with pretty much all vaporizers and necessary cleanings are rare. Overall, the Pax is a solid choice at a great price, and is highly recommended. If you’re interested in the Pax, click here to visit a respected distributor, Vape World.  

2. Arizer Air

arizerair-black-800x800-web_1   The Arizer Air is Arizer’s newest offering, and their best. The design has been refined to compete with the Pax, and while it may not be quite as sleek, it’s a definite improvement. Design aside, the Air is compact, durable, intuitive, and more. The Air is a bit pricey, coming in at $259.99 on Vape World, but if you’ve got the cash to shell out, it’s well worth it. It has 5 temperature settings to experiment with, which is great for stealth, and it’s battery will last around an hour (but you have the option to use while charging). If you’re interested in the Air, click here to visit a respected distributor, Vape World.  

1. Magic Flight Launch Box

mflb-group-frontAnd the winner is… the Magic Flight Launch Box (We’ll call it the MFLB from here on out, because that’s a mouthful)! The MFLB is obviously drastically different from it’s competitors, but this is a great, great thing. If you can’t tell from the picture, the MFLB is small, very small. Like, fit 2 in your pocket small. It’s has by far the least odor out of any other vaporizer we’ve tested, and it is incredibly efficient. Don’t let the size fool you though, one session with the box will have you feeling fantastic. You may be wondering, how would one even go about using this little wooden thing? It’s simple, let me explain. The MFLB comes with 2 batteries, but you’ll only need 1 at a time. Just put your dry herb in the trench, put the positive end of the battery into the hole in the side of the box, inhale from the smaller hole (it’ll be obvious which hole to inhale out of when you’re holding it), and viola! You’re medicated! No pre-session heat up time whatsoever. The batteries are rechargeable, and it comes with a wall charger, so no worries there. If I didn’t make it clear enough, let me reiterate. We’ve experimented with many a vaporizer, and the smell from the MFLB is so much weaker it’s not even comparable. You do get less vapor per draw, resulting in more draws/longer draws to get the same effect as others, but if stealth is the concern, the MFLB is the king. Now before you go sit next to a cop and start drawing, heed my warning. All vaporizers have a smell, there’s no way around that. You’re heating up what was already (if you’re lucky) a pretty smelly herb, so of course there’s a smell. But if you’re looking for the least possible amount of odor along with a fantastic product, the MFLB is the one for you. If you’re interested in the Magic Flight Launch Box, click here to visit a respected distributor, Vape World.            

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