How To Sober Up From Weed Fast

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We’ve all had that time that when we were blazed out of our mind and had somewhere to be. The first thing you need to do is to relax and make sure you don’t psyche yourself out. There isn’t an instant cure to make you automatically not high, but with the tips I’ll give you today, you’ll be coming down just as fast as you rocketed up. 

Top 5 Ways To Sober Up From Weed Fast

5. Go for a walk

A girl going for a jog to sober up from weed


A great way to reduce your high is to get active. Try going for a walk or doing a quick workout. It’s common for people to be tired after they smoke, but if you can get up and active you will wake up and start to come down.

4. Take a deep breath

A picture showing how to sober up from weed fast by breathing

A lot of times people feel too high because they have an anxiety attack when they smoke, or they are just psyching themselves out. Try to just take a deep breathe and realize that the reason you are paranoid/worried is because of the weed. This does’t always work, but you can never go wrong by sitting down and trying to calm yourself down with deep breathes. 

3. Take a nap
A guy sleeping to try to sober up from weed

Taking a nap could be all you need to start feeling better. After one too many hits of the ganja, laying down and getting some shut eye can be a total lifesaver. But if you are too high to fall asleep follow one of the two tips below..

2. Shower time

A shower head saying use me to sober up from weed fast

Taking a shower is a go to way to sober up from alcohol, and works for weed too. Not only will a shower get you ready for the task at hand, it will make sure you don’t smell like dank, and feel amazing if you’re really high.


Food to help sober you up from weed


Pigging out on your favorite snacks is the best way to knock off some of your high. 

If you’re wondering how to sober up from weed fast, remember that the main thing is to just relax and try to not psyche yourself out. If you are super worried about what you are saying and how you’re acting, you will be noticeably high. Just don’t think too hard and know that there are other people around you who are probably just as high :) 

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