How To Smoke Weed Without Smell

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Stealth smoking is what we’re all about here at Stealthy Stoner. Now just to make it clear, anytime you smoke it WILL smell at least a little. With that being said, if you listen to all my tips today you can reduce the smell to where only people a few feet from you will smell anything (even if you are smoking inside). The first thing we need to cover are the 2 different types of smell that come with smoking. The first smell comes from simply having weed on or around you. This smell doesn’t stick to clothes or furniture. Be aware that even if you have weed in a bag it will still smell. I recommend a smell proof container to make sure the smell won’t leak (Check out our list of the best smell proof containers here).  This smell will clear within a few minutes and won’t linger around so we don’t really have to worry about it as much. The second kind of smell is the smell produced by the smoke itself. This is the real trouble maker that can linger for days. The best way to smoke weed without smell is to prevent this smell from the beginning. How do we do this? First off we need to go over the tools you are going to need:

How to smoke weed without smell: the tools needed

– sploof (this device kills any smoke you blow through it). The Smoke Buddy is by far the best sploof,  essential to completely removing smell (view The Smoke Buddy). You can also make your own sploof, but this won’t work as well as the Smoke Buddy (view our tutorial on how to make a home made sploof)

– pipe/bong/one hitter (one hitter would work the best)

– air freshener, preferably Ozium (view on Amazon). This isn’t necessary if you do everything right, but in case you make a mistake it is good to have on hand.

– weed and lighter (duh)

How to smoke weed without smell: the process

Okay so now that we have all the tools we need, we can get into the actual process. Pack only enough weed that you can finish in one hit. Hit the pipe and make sure you keep hitting it until all there is no more weed burning. This way no smoke will come off of the pipe, it will all go into your mouth. Now all you have to do is blow all the smoke into the smoke buddy and you are golden. If done right there is absolutely none of the lingering smell. The only thing that will smell is the weed that you have out, but this will go away within a few minutes of smoking. After you are done, spray a tiny spray of Ozium for good measure. This technique may be a little tedious but absolutely works wonders, and is the best way to go if you want to smoke weed without smell.

Thanks for reading! Be safe and stay high.

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