How To Not Get Caught Smoking Weed

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Smoking weed and not getting caught is an art form. Its what we’re all about here at Stealthy Stoner. Many people get caught smoking weed because they don’t have/know a few very simple things. Today I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to not get caught smoking weed. First off I’ll cover the tools you need, then I’ll cover where people typically smoke. Let’s jump right into it!

Tools to help you to smoke weed and not get caught:

  • Smoke Buddy – This is a smoke filter that works very simply: blow smoke in one end and nothing comes out the other. The smoke buddy is a stoners best friend and will save your ass many times.
  • Ozium – This air freshener is different in the sense that it doesn’t just cover up the smell like Febreeze or Axe. Ozium completely eliminated the odor from the air and will leaving your room/car smelling fresh.
  • Smell proof container – This is very important. If you have weed just in a bag it will definitely smell. Many people get by people smelling their weed when it is in their room/pocket. Don’t be one of those people and grab yourself a smell proof container. Check out our list of the top 10 here smell proof containers for weed
  • Eye drops – Most people’s eyes get super red, use eye drops to keep you from looking super high.

Now that you have all the tools necessary to smoke weed without getting caught, you need to know where to smoke. Below I cover the different places that people typically smoke, and go over the pros and cons of each.

Where to smoke weed and not get caught

At a house

Smoking in a house or apartment is the best place to smoke without getting caught, as long as the house owner is okay with you smoking there. If they aren’t approving and you still want to smoke there, check our article on how to smoke inside without it smelling. Not everyone has the ability to smoke inside their house, here are a few other places people typically smoke.

In a car

Cars are a common place for people to light up, but you need to know the risks with doing so. First off, be careful driving if you are very high. The main problem with smoking in your car is that you can get pulled over for many reasons. License plate registration outdated? You can get pulled over. License plate light or tail light out? You can get pulled over. You get the point. This is the main reason why I would recommend not smoking in your car, but if you must keep these next few tips in mind. Never park somewhere sketchy like a park or empty parking lot. Your best bet is to cruise around country roads and only take a hit when there aren’t any cars in sight. Try to blow as much smoke out the window as possible if you are worrying about your car smelling the next few days. Using cruise control is a great way to make sure you don’t speed or go suspiciously slow as high people typically do. Just set the cruise to exactly the speed limit and you should be good to go.

Somewhere outside

Many people don’t have access to a house to smoke in, and don’t want their cars reeking of weed so they opt to smoke somewhere outside. Now there are a few things you need to keep in mind. If you really want to smoke at a public park (which I wouldn’t recommend) make sure the park is open. If the park is closed, police have a reason to come question you even if you aren’t being suspicious. Another great idea for smoking outside is to only bring as much as you are going to smoke. This way once you are done lighting up, you have no weed on you. You can always bring a ball with you and have that as an excuse as to what you are doing. Just remember that when smoking at night the spark of a lighter can be seen from far away.

Now you know everything you need to smoke weed and not get caught! As always, be safe and stay high.

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