How To Lower Your Weed Tolerance

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The first few times you smoke, you will get so high you don’t know what to do with yourself. Once you keep smoking you will realize that your tolerance goes up, and it takes a lot more weed to get as high as you used to, and even then its still a different high. Don’t worry, there are many things you can do to lower your tolerance and relive the glory days. 

How to lower weed tolerance by taking a break

The simplest way to lower your tolerance to weed is to simply take a break from smoking (known as a tolerance break or t break). The length of your break depends on how high your tolerance is. If you are a daily smoker I would recommend 1-2 weeks off, or 1 month if you want to completely reset your body. If you are a more occasional smoker, 1 week is probably all you need to start feeling high again.  Anyone who has taken a tolerance break knows how effective it is. Its not a myth, it works and you will thank yourself for taking one. 

Is there a way to lower tolerance without taking a break?

Another great way to reduce tolerance is by smoking less frequently. This way when you do smoke you will get to enjoy it much more. If you smoke on a daily basis, try not smoking in the morning. By saving your sessions for night time you will be taking mini breaks. You will see a noticeable difference in your high. Another thing to note is that you get the highest the first time you smoke in the day.

What else affects tolerance? 

Another way to get higher when you smoke is by drinking lots of water and exercising. Staying active is a great way for your body to expedite the process of a tolerance break. Tolerance breaks are a great thing and if you should definitely give it a try! 


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