How To Get Weed Smell Out Of Car

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Smoking in your car isn’t your best bet if you are trying to not get caught, but sometimes we have to do what we must, leading the common question in the Stealthy Stoner world of how to get weed smell out of car. As many of you who have smoked in your car know, smoking in your car will leave it reeking of weed. First off lets talk about how to prevent the smell of weed as much as possible before we get into removing it. The following are tips to prevent your car smelling in the first place:

How to get weed smell out of car: ways to prevent it

When asking how to get weed smell out of car, you’re first going to have to look at how exactly you’re going to smoke (or vape, which is preferred). If you’re asking how to get weed smell out of car, you’re going to want to avoid joints and blunts. Each of these methods of smoking is going to result in the smelliest car, which will make things much harder to take care of later. Your next best bet would be a chillum, bowl, or bong. When used correctly, these don’t have the rolling smoke that joints and blunts have, resulting in much less smoke in your car, which leads to much less smell. If you’re lucky enough to have a vaporizer, it’s by far your best choice when it comes to getting high on the go. Even with windows up (although this is not recommended), vapor will stick to the interior of your car much less than smoke will, making it much easier to answer the question of how to get weed smell out of car. 

I mentioned vaping with the windows up previously, but if you’re asking how to get weed smell out of your car, this is not the advised course of action. Unless it’s extremely cold, rainy, or snowy, roll those windows down and enjoy the weather. Be sure to exhale as much as you can out of the window, and this will eliminate a large portion of the smell. Your only other worry when exhaling out of the window is the smoke coming from a previously lit bowl. Take care to either finish the bowl (pack smaller bowls to finish easier, resulting in less smoke), or put something over it to put it out (a quarter is commonly used). If you exhale out of the window and keep rolling smoke to a minimum, you should be A-OK. 

This last choice is a bit harder, as we’re usually stuck with the car we have, but if you have the choice, choose leather seats over other fabrics. Smoke, vapor, and odor in general tends to stick to leather much less than it sticks to other fabrics, leading to less smell for you, and making it easier to answer the question of how to get weed smell out of car. 

How to get weed smell out of car: after you smoke

Now that we know how to prevent our cars from smelling as much as possible, lets get into how to remove the smell after you have smoked. On your way home from smelling try to air out as much as possible by rolling all of the windows down. Hopefully they were already down from your sesh, but don’t be too quick to roll them up. This will only help a little, but especially if you have leather seats and followed some steps above, you will probably be fine. Your best bet to ensure your car doesn’t smell is to buy some interior cleaner and upholstery/carpet cleaner for your car. This way once you’re done smoking you can wipe down the seats and carpet, leaving your car smelling good as new. I keep some in my trunk and occasionally wipe my car down just so I’m not paranoid about it.  If your car still smells, try wiping the ceiling down a little too as smoke rises. Now not every one of you is going to want to buy car cleaner. Some other options to remove the smell is to buy a can of Ozium. This product works wonders and is by far the best smoke eliminator. Notice I said eliminator, Ozium actually eliminates the smoke instead of just covering it up like Febreeze and Axe. Be careful with the amount sprayed though. It’ll take a bit to find the perfect amount for you car, but there’s a fine line between a fresh smelling car, and one that smells like it was just bathed in lemon juice. You can also buy air fresheners (black ice is the stoner go to). Put a few of these in your car and leave your windows cracked over night just for good measure.

So there you have it. Next time you’re going for a cruise and you’re worried about potential smell, rest assured that you know all the proper steps when it comes to the question of how to get weed smell out of car. 

Thanks for reading! Be safe and stay high.

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