The Easiest Way To Roll A Joint – Full Guide

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How to Roll a Joint

Joints are the preferred smoking method for many tokers out there today. If you are one of those people but are tired of waiting on someone to come over that knows how to roll the J, it is time to learn for yourself. If no one has told you yet, rolling a joint can be a pain-staken process that leaves you frustrated and flustered, especially as a beginner. If you are here, you’ve come to learn the easiest way to roll a joint so those frustrating are not a part of your experience.  That exact information is what we intend to provide to you. Upon completion of this article, rolling a joint will be easy for you, too.

Use a Joint Roller

Great for learning how to roll a joint

The best way to roll a joint is with a joint roller.  Simply grind up your weed (use a weed grinder like the GStar Herb Grinder ), place it in the machine with a paper, push a button or turn the knob, and within seconds you have a perfectly rolled joint ready to help you inhale the good good that you eagerly anticipate smoking. The exact method of using the join roller varies, dependent upon the type that you choose.

Both automatic and manual joint rollers are available, with prices as little as $5 and as much as $100 (and sometimes more.)  One of the best manual joint rollers out there for those on a budget is the Raw 2-way 70mm Rolling Machine. If you prefer an automatic roller, one of the best that your money can buy is the Roller Box. This machine is affordable, adjustable, and equipped with many other features you, as a smoker, are sure to appreciate.

A few additional pieces of information to keep in mind when using a joint roller:

  • Choose a quality joint roller (such as those we’ve listed above)
  • Practice using the machine on a table so you never waste any of your herb, accident can and will happen, you know?
  • Your marijuana should be finely grounded, as per our recommendation for a grinding machine. Make sure that all sticks and stems are removed before you begin rolling the joint as well, as these can poke holes in the paper and make it difficult to smoke.
  • Clean your roller often

The By-Hand Experience

For some people, the experience of rolling a joint by hand is all a part of the experience of smoking the herb. If you are one of those individuals, here’s a step-by-step guide that you can use to help roll a joint. Remember, practice makes perfect, and it’s going to take several tries to get it right.

  1. Grind your herb up as finely as possible. You should have an herb grinder on hand to make this easier but if you want to do it the old-fashioned way like many people, that is perfectly fine, too.
  2. Filter tips are now available for joints. Should you wish to use one of them, roll a small pic of lightweight cardboard into a round w shape that you will place into the paper shortly. Tips are also available for purchase, if you would rather use the sophisticated way of doing things. We will talk more about that later on in this article.
  3. Choose your paper and twist one end of the joint, if you are not using a filter.
  4. Place the marijuana inside of the paper. Make sure that the herb is evenly distributed throughout the joint and that it is well grinded. You should place the weed in the middle of the paper so that room is left to roll.
  5. If you are using a filter, place it on the untwisted end of the joint.
  6. Roll the back side of the paper (the side closest to you) over the marijuana, tucking it slightly. As you are doing this, keep your finger pushed down on the weed.
  7. Start rolling the paper away from you after lightly licking the glued end of the paper. You want to ensure the joint is tightly rolled; otherwise it is not going to give you a good smoking experience.
  8. Light your joint and enjoy your high.

Patience is a virtue, and a quality that you must have when rolling a joint by hand. It will likely take a few tries to get it right, but when you finally do, it is a rewarding experience that, just like riding a bicycle, you will never forget again. But, as we’ve mentioned, if you want the easiest way to roll a joint, using one of the machines is what you’ll want to do.

What Papers are You Using to Roll?

The selection of papers available for joint rolling is extensive, so it is imperative that you choose wisely. Some papers cause the weed to burn faster, they break easily, or cause other headaches that you don’t want to experience when you are simply looking to smoke a nice joint and kick back and relax.

Raw rolling papers are one of the most popular out right now. They’re made using hemp material, burn slowly, and are super easy to roll. They even make tips that you can use as a filter for your joint if you desire. When you’re looking for the easiest way to roll a joint, using Raw papers is always a good idea.

The Bottom Line

The easiest way to roll a joint is with a rolling machine, but this is entirely up to you to decide if you want to use a machine or if you prefer to roll your joint by hand.  The use of a joint roller is the best way to roll a joint because it ensures the perfect joint every single time, makes the process easier and faster, and provides one less thing for you to learn. Now, it is time to stop reading and start rolling. Don’t you want to smell it in the air as you head to Cloud 9?


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