Cloud Pen Vape Review: Great For Getting Into Dabbing

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Cloud makes a great line of Concentrate pens. I personally use a Cloud Platinum, though they have newer models out now. Concentrate pens are the easiest way for people to get into dabbing. It’s the same process when everyone is introduced to dabbing. Your friends dab you up a few times, then you decide you want to buy some dabs to dab others, and then you realize you have nothing to dab out of. A dab kit, rig, torch, stick, etc, runs about $100 minimum to get a proper setup. The pens run from $50­$150. They are simple and easy way to get into dabbing and portable as well.

The Cloud has ceramic bowls and coils so they hold the heat much better than the titanium ones and don’t warp. They are simple to clean, just a Q­tip with some ISO, when it’s cool! The platinum model has a small window on the mouthpiece above the element so you can see the vapor before you hit it. It is simple to turn on and heat up. It has a USB charger, so you can plug it in almost anywhere. I plug mine into my car USB and I’m good to go on the road.

The only other recommendation for the Cloud line of pens is that the G­pen rep in our area uses a Cloud while she is on the go. They come in a few different colors and styles, with different coils, bulbs, and mouthpieces you can adapt with. As well they look like a E­cig and can be used in most public settings wtih minimal issue. Unlike the flower pens, the concentrate pens don’t have the same strong smell. So most people will not even realize you are getting stoned. I’ve gone through road blocks with them in my car, and I’ve used them on public transit. The standard Cloud runs about $80 , so they are very affordable for the average smoker. So if you want to get into dabbing, or you want to get high in public I highly suggest picking one of these pens up.

Check them out here.

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