What Should I Smoke Out Of? – The Best and Worst Ways To Smoke In Stealth

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Best And Worst Ways To Smoke In Stealth

On your journey to becoming a stealthy stoner, it’s a good idea to become familiar with all the different ways of smoking your herb and how your choice in this matter greatly affects your overall stealth. In this article we’ll be looking at stealth based on the 2 S’s. Size (concealability and how easily it can be hidden) and Smell (how much smoke/smell it produces). So without further adieu, let’s get into it!

5. Blunts/Joints


Pinkies out!


While blunts and joints might be two of the most common ways to enjoy your herb, they are far from the stealthiest. This is true for one main reason: once you light a joint or a blunt, it stays lit (thus stays producing smelly smelly smoke) until you choose to ash it. This is more avoidable with other options such as a bowl or bong. And while blunts and joints are some of the smallest and most concealable, the smell they produce completely outweighs this benefit though. Not to mention when smoking joints or blunts you waste a considerable amount of herb. So if stealth and conservation are at the top of your list, blunts and joints shouldn’t be. Our favorite joints. Our favorite blunt wraps.

4. Bong/Bubbler


Use with caution. Or don’t. It’s fun either way.


Bongs are a personal favorite of mine and have been well respected in the stoner community for years. Now a bong can be a very stealthy option if used correctly. Their main downside is their size and difficult concealability, however bongs do get you the most bang for your buck if you will. I could tell you stories for hours of friends taking one hit from a bong and being borderline dysfunctional for the remainder of the night. But that’s for another story for another time. Moving on.

3. Bowl


Deceiving image. That pen is nearly 10 feet long.


The bowl is one of the most classic options for any stoner occasion. It ranks well on both the size and smell categories and if used correctly, smell can be almost completely avoided by using a technique called “snapping”.

Now snapping is a very critical technique to reduce when it comes to stealthily smoking anything with a bowl. Its a very simple 3 step process following the guideline of “no smoke. no smell”

1. Load a small amount of herb into your bowl that you are confident you could finish in one hit

2. Proceed to do just that. but make sure there will be no lingering smoke

3. Blow your hit through a homemade smoke filter or sploof (you can read our guide on how to make one here) or buy the commercial Smokebuddy for only $20 to guarantee your stealth.

Using this technique with any piece is the best way to ensure the most stealth and the least smoke.

2. One-hitter


Sweet design not guaranteed.


The one hitter is one of the best ways to stealthily smoke your herb hands down. The one-hitter is not only small and concealable making it pass the size and stealth test, but it practically packs “snaps” for you every time so residual smoke is one of the least of your worries with one of these bad boys. These pieces are also extremely useful for outside and public toking because they even make one-hitters disguised as cigarettes to conceal your herbal enjoyment. Overall the one-hitter is one of the most simple yet effective pieces and is perfect for size and smell discretion.

1. Vaporizer


You know what they say. Big things come in wood packages.


With a vaporizer, unlike every other item on this list there is no smoke involved. All vaporizers (should) heat your herb to an optimal temperature to vaporize the THC and provide you not only one of the healthiest ways to consume your herb but also an extremely discreet and conservative way to do so. If you would like, you can check out our top 5 vaporizers here. (We recommend the Magic Flight Launch Box which you can purchase here from a respected distributor, Vape World).

In conclusion, when trying to be stealthy you always have to choose your particular piece based on the amount of smoke and thus smell it produces, thus making anything that stays lit for the duration of your session a no go. When using pieces such as a bowl or bong, remember that “snapping” is a very useful technique in minimizing smell and reducing lingering smoke. And last but not least if you have the money to invest and are serious about stealth, we highly recommend that you invest in a vaporizer as these prove to be the most stealthy and concealable options available.

And as always, stay stoned and stay stealthy.


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