10 Best Smell Proof Containers For Weed

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Don’t think that having your weed in a few zip lock bags is going to keep it from smelling. If you plan on having any amount of bud over a gram, you are going to need a smell proof container. Having a smell proof container is one of the most important steps you can take to avoid being caught. We have experimented with many different containers and have composed a list of what we think are the best smell proof containers for weed.  Lets jump right into it! (Under the chart are detailed reviews of each smell proof weed container)

Top 10 Smell Proof Containers For Weed

Smell Proof ContainersPriceCommentsRating
best smell proof container out there - the danktank#1 DankTank$$The DankTank is a 100% smell proof, airtight container. Its the top performing smell proof container on the market, and is what all of us at Stealthy Stoner use on a daily basis.5.0/5.0
Smell proof jar that is title Kush Kaddy
#2 Kush Kaddy
$$$The Kush Kaddy has a layer of cushion for added protection. The main downside is that it cost more, and isn't the most durable.4.4/5.0
A smell proof container that is also airtight and called a medtainer#3 MedTainer$$A great smell proof container that has a built in grinder!4.4/5.0
One of the best smell proof backpacks on the market
$$$This is the best smell proof backpack on the market!5.0/5.0
Large airtight pill bottle container that is one of the best smell proof containers for weedLarge Pill Bottle$$Pill bottles are another affordable option that do a decent job at trapping smell.4.3/5.0
A smell proof jar called dope turtleDope Turtle$$$Made in Denver, the dope turtle has many loyal fans4.1/5.0
A smell proof bag that locks smells inRyot Hard Shell$$This case is better if you need to store pipes and lighters in addition to your weed.3.8/5.0
untitled331_1024x1024Echo Pouch$These smell proof bags work perfectly and can be more useful than a container5.0/5.0
A classic smell proof container that competes to be one of the best smell proof containers for weed.Mason Jar$The mason jar has been a stoner go to for many years. Its airtight and affordable, simple as that.3.4/5.0
A smell proof container named TightVacTightVac$$The TightVac is a decent container for about a week. From there it gets worn down and the lid will easily fall off. Not recommended1.0/5.0

10. TightVac

A smell proof container named TightVac

When looking for a smell proof container, I would try to stay away from TightVacs. Coming in at number 10, they barely made it onto the list. Not only does smell leak through them a little bit, after about a week of usage the lid to my TightVac would fall off. After a few times of spilling my weed everywhere I decided that there are probably better options for smell proof containers so I kept looking.


9. Mason Jar


For more than just jam.


The mason jar is a classic stoner go to for storing your precious herb. The mason jar is used as a weed container by many people. While it may be a common weed container, it definitely has its flaws. This airtight container is see through, which may not be the most discrete, but is perfect for showing off your bud. Mason jars are very affordable but won’t do the best job at locking in your smell, earning them their spot as one of the best smell proof containers.

8. Echo Pouch


While this is not an actual container, it deserves a spot on the list. It’s perfect for storing smaller amounts. The Echo Pouch is also very good for on the go storage, easily fitting in your pocket. Click here to purchase a Echo Pouch from Amazon.

7. Ryot Hard Shell

A smell proof bag that locks smells in
The Ryot is more of an all in one storage case, and is different than other smell proof containers on the list. Not only is it good for storing your bud, it has room for a pipe and lighter to go with it. After a lot of uses, pipes can start to get pretty smelly. The Ryot will kill 2 birds with one stone by trapping the smell of your pipe and weed inside. I would recommend the Ryot if you have a lot of things that you need to keep in a smell proof container. Check the Ryot out on Amazon.

6. Dope Turtle

A smell proof jar called dope turtle
The Dope Turtle is made in Denver Colorado. It has built a loyal fan base of people who praise the jar. Like all other weed containers on the list it is smell proof, airtight, and a great jar to store your weed. The only reason it is higher on the list is because it is a little more pricey compared to the models below. Check out the Dope Turtle on Amazon.

 5. Large Pill Bottle


They were made for medication after all.


The large pill bottle has very similar functionality to the mason jar. The reason it deserves the number 5 spot is simply because its not glass. If you happen to drop your mason jar, it very easily could break. The pill bottle is very durable and a practical container for your stash, but is not your best bet when searching for smell proof containers.

4. Loudpack

One of the best smell proof backpacks on the market


The Loudpack earned the number 1 spot on our list of the best smell proof backpacks. The two main compartments are lined with aluminum which works absolutely great for keeping the smell in. It is also incredibly comfortable with very soft straps. The Loudpack also looks sleek and doesn’t look sketchy whatsoever. This is the backpack we personally use here at StealthyStoner and highly recommend it for storing all of your weed and accessories. Click here to checkout the Loudpack on Amazon!

 3. MedTainer


A regular stoner swiss army knife.


The MedTainer is by far the most versatile container we have encountered. It is airtight, waterproof, and has a built in grinder! And best yet, all of this can fit into your pocket! The MedTainer is very easy to use and is personally one of my best purchases. The MedTainer definitely deserves its spot as one of the best smell proof containers for weed. Click here to view MedTainers on Amazon.

2. Kush Kaddy

Smell proof jar that is title Kush Kaddy
The Kush Kaddy is a good option if you need to store more than just weed. The Kusk Kaddy is a smell proof jar that is pretty large. This container features a padded cushion to make it more safe for storing pipes. If all you want to store is your weed, then a DankTank is your best option as its cheaper. If you are storing multiple things, including something that is breakable, the Kush Kaddy is definitely your solution.

 1. DankTank

best smell proof container out there - the danktank

The DankTank is by far the best smell proof container on the market. It has two lids to ensure a complete airtight seal, locking in the odor. It keeps in the smell no matter how “dank” your weed is. I have had my DankTank for months and it still works like the first day I got it. DankTanks are also very durable and has survived its fair share of drops. These containers are also completely black so your bud will stay preserved longer by blocking out all of the harmful UV rays. I can’t recommend the DankTank enough, it definitely earns its spot as the best smell proof container and is what we personally use here at stealthystoner.com Click here to view DankTanks on Amazon.

Now that we have reviewed all of the best weed containers, it’s up to you to decide which is the best for you. Just remember, you want a weed container that will lock in the smell and last for a long time. There are a lot of low quality weed containers on the market, so be careful before you make your final decision!

What factors did we use to rate these smell proof containers?

When trying out these various weed containers there were quite a few different things we look at. The first and most important was simply how much smell each weed container let out. Some containers won’t let any smell out initially, but if you let them sit over night you may be surprised by how much of a difference it can make. You want to make sure your smell proof container will continue to trap odors in for any duration of time. Another big factor that we looked at for was the UV protection. This is a very overlooked aspect. You want a weed container that will block harmful UV rays that will damage your buds. Keeping these UV rays out will keep your weed much fresher with higher THC contents. The third factor we looked at was durability. There is a common misconception that storing your buds in glass is better for them. This is not true and only a matter of opinion. We strongly prefer high grade plastic containers because they won’t break if you drop them, throw them, step on them or anything else for that matter. And since this is a weed container, you will rarely be sober when handling it. Trust me, it won’t take long before you have a nice pile of glass and weed mixed together, not the best combination. These are just a few things we used to rank the best smell proof containers, obviously we took into consideration the looks and price of the containers, but the factors above were the most important.

Different containers are good for different situations, check out each of these smell proof containers and decide which one is best for you!

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