3 Best Smell Proof Backpacks For Storing Weed

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Smell Proof BackpacksPriceRatingComments
One of the best smell proof backpacks on the market

#1 Loudpack

Coated with aluminum lining, this is the best smell proof backpack on the market.

#2 Funk Fighter

The funk fighter works pretty well, but is pretty bulky and the straps easily break

#3 Odor Proof Backpack

The Odor Proof will let some smell leak through, but all around is a decent backpack

When it comes to carrying your weed and weed related items, a backpack is a classic option. They look much less sketchy than other options such as a duffle bag, or the alternative of just carrying a bag of weed. The main problem with backpacks is that they aren’t smell proof, and trust me, the smell will definitely be leaking out if you have some decent marijuana. What most people do is purchase a smell proof container (click here for our list on the 10 best smell proof containers) and keep that inside their backpack. That kinda works, but smell can definitely still leak out. Your best option to be 100% safe is to buy a smell proof container and put it inside a smell proof backpack. Smell proof backpack you say? Yes, smell proof backpacks exist and they completely change the game. Smell proof backpacks are especially helpful if you plan on carrying an decent amount of bud, or have pipes/bongs, and or any other items that smell. You can keep them all in one place and not have to worry about a thing. Today we are going to be reviewing the best 2 smell proof backpacks on the market. Without further adieu, let’s jump right into it.

Top 3 Best Smell Proof Backpacks For Storing Weed

#3 Odorproof Backpack
one of the best smell proof backpacks






The Odorproof backpack by Stealth is durable, spacious, and everything you’ll need when looking for the best smell proof backpack, but it is a bit pricey. It comes with a refreshable ACF (Activated Carbon Fiber) liner and a “Seal-Tite” zipper closure surrounding the main compartment. Along with that, there are two unlined pockets on the front to make sure there is space for extras. This backpack is lightweight, water-resistant polyester outer shell, and two adjustable straps. It does the job, but its slightly steeper price point keeps it from being the best smell proof backpack.

#2 Funk Fighter Backpack

one of the best smell proof backpacks

Funk Fighter is a decent brand when it comes to the best smell proof backpacks. This backpack comes equipped with carbon lining that is supposed to keep the odor inside. From our testing it works with small amounts but easily starts letting smell out once you have more than a few grams. This backpacks not huge, but there should be room for whatever you need to keep in there, it’s dimensions measure 13.5″ x 7.5″ x 20″. There’s multiple pockets, a large main zipper compartment, a small pouch on the front, and 2 mesh pockets on the side (which are not smell proof, of course). The main issue with this backpack is that it looks really sketchy and not like other backpacks, not to mention that it doesn’t keep in smell nearly as well as the Loudpack below. Overall, this odor proof backpack may work for you, but you should definitely check out the one below.

#1 Loudpack

One of the best smell proof backpacks on the market

The Loudpack definitely earns its spot as the best smell proof backpack. The two main compartments are lined with aluminum which works absolutely great for keeping the smell in. It is also by far the most comfortable backpack on this list. The Loudpack also looks sleek and doesn’t look sketchy whatsoever. This is the backpack we personally use here at StealthyStoner and highly recommend it for storing all of your weed and accessories. Click here to checkout the Loudpack on Amazon!

Do I really need a smell proof backpack?

It really just depends. If you are just getting into smoking and don’t have too many weed related items, a smell proof backpack may not be something that you desperately need. These backpacks really come in handy when you have more than just weed to carry around. If you are a fan of bongs, then you know how much they can smell after a few uses. Having an odor proof backpack will make transporting items like this much easier and less risky. If you are going to your friends for a smoke sesh and want to bring a bowl, bud, papers, wraps, and maybe a few other things, where are you going to put it? You could put it in a regular backpack, but then not only will the smell leak through, the backpack will probably stay smelling like weed for a long time. That’s why having a smell proof backpack is very nice. You don’t have to ruin your everyday backpack, you can separate the two and make your smell proof one strictly for weed related items. You can keep everything in it and whenever you want to smoke, you can just bring your new backpack and have everything you need.

Additional Smell Proof Accessories

So now that you have your premium smell proof backpack we are going to go over a few different accessories that can go with your backpack. The first one I’m going to point out is the DankTank. This is a highly rated smell proof container. It is made with 2 lids, creating an airtight seal and trapping all of the odors inside. Click here to checkout the DankTank. Now I know what you are thinking. I just bought a smell proof backpack, why do I also need a smell proof container?. Not all occassions allow for you to lug around an entire backpack. Sometimes just throwing the DankTank in your pocket is much more convenient. Personally, I have three DankTanks with a different strain in each one, all inside my Loudpack. Even with the DankTanks filled to the top with very strong buds, you can’t smell a thing.

The last piece to your smell proof arsenal doesn’t have anything to do with storing your weed like the others. This one is a carbon filter that eliminates the odor of all smoke blown through it. Puff a large cloud of smoke in one side, clean air comes out the other. Many of you may have heard of it before, but this little guy is called a Smoke Buddy. Click here to check it out.  Smoke buddy’s work wonders and allow you to smoke indoors with very little smell left after your done.

With a Loudpack, DankTank, and Smoke Buddy, you can smoke all you want without anyone finding out. These three products are what we are all about here at Stealthy Stoner.

What factors did we use to rank these smell proof backpacks?

To rank these smell proof backpacks we looked at a lot of different things. The most important things was the ability to trap odors in. A lot of backpacks claim to be “smell proof” and are just regular backpacks. The real smell proof backpacks are lined with some kind of smell resistant material that is specifically designed to not let any smells out. Another factor we used was simply the overall looks an quality of the backpack. Many smell proof backpacks don’t look like regular backpacks, the makers just focus on the odor resistance aspect and stop there. The Loudpack does a great job of keeping odors in while still looking sleek. Another important factor is the comparability of the backpack. If you have quite a it of supplies in your backpack you want to make sure that it has nice padded straps. Durability is the next on the list. Not just durability of the backpack, but durability of how long the smell proof backpacks will continue to lock in smells. Sometimes the materials on the inside fade, and you want a well made backpack to keep your goods smell proof for the long term. Another overlooked aspect is how the zippers close. There’s no point in having a backpack lined  with a smell proof material if the zippers are just going to make a hole to allow smell to get through. That’s another reason the Loudpack earned its number one spot.  It has a way for the zippers to click together to create a seal.

When searching for the best smell proof backpack, there’s a few things to keep in mind. Most importantly, odor protection, durability, spaciousness, and price. Each of these products check all of those boxes, and are the best smell proof backpacks without a doubt. So next time you need to transport some particularly smelly bud, take comfort in the fact that you know the best smell proof backpack. Thanks for reading, stay safe, and stay high!


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