Best Places To Smoke Weed And Not Get Caught

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There are many things to keep in mind when it comes to smoking weed without getting caught. The 3 most important are having a smell proof container (check our list of the top 10 smell proof containers here), knowing how to act sober, and knowing where to smoke. Today we are going to cover the third. When it comes to deciding the best places┬áto smoke weed, your best bet is to smoke on someones property that knows you are smoking there. This will result in there being very, very little risk, and allow you to be relaxed while smoking. Now, if you are reading this I’m assuming that you don’t have a friends house you can smoke at, and aren’t allowed to smoke in your house. Don’t worry you still have a few options. You can smoke in your house anyways using a smoke buddy, you can smoke in a car, or smoke somewhere outside. Today we are going to cover all 3:

Smoking in your house without anyone knowing

This option is rather good if you want to avoid risk of getting caught by authorities, and rather risk getting caught by your parents, significant others, or whoever else in the house that you don’t want knowing. This method requires using a smoke buddy, a smoke filter that completely eliminates the smell of anything you blow through it. This little filter will solve many of your problems when it comes to smoking without getting caught, and we here at Stealthy Stoner all use it on a daily basis. The quick version of how to smoke without it smelling is to load only a small amount of weed in your pipe/one hitter. From there you light it and keep sucking until it is all gone and blow it into the smoke buddy. This will ensure that no smoke leaks and it is all eliminated by the smoke buddy. Having a towel under the door and a window open will always help too. For a more detailed guide, check out my article on how to smoke weed without inside without smell, or click here to buy a smoke buddy.

Smoking in a car

Smoking in a car has a few risks with it as well, but there are a lot of things you can do to reduce the risks of getting caught. The biggest tip I can give for smoking in your car is to not park anywhere sketchy. The way most people get caught from the stories I here are from parking in a closed park or parking lot, smoking some marijuana. You will look super suspicious and cops have a reason to approach you. If you plan on driving around when you smoke, I highly recommend setting the cruise control to ensure you don’t speed, or drive suspiciously slow. Another way to be careful is to only blow smoke out of the window is when there are no cars behind you. This is usually done best on country roads.

Smoking outside

When it comes to places to to smoke weed, smoking outside is a classic. There are many spots people go to smoke, some safer than others. A big thing to be aware of when going to smoke outside is where you have to park your car. This is your biggest chance of getting caught, just make sure you are parked somewhere you allowed to and follow my next tip. When smoking outside, always only bring as much weed as you are going to smoke. This works especially well if you are smoking joints or blunts, as you will not have any paraphernalia on you either. Once you are done smoking, you can relax as you know you have nothing on you. There is no better feeling than not having to worry about being paranoid.

Wherever you smoke, just remember to think it through and make sure you are comfortable with the situation. If not, just leave. It’s not worth being paranoid and it will ruin your high. Thanks for reading, be safe and stay high!


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