Best Microscope For Weed

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Anyone getting serious about cannabis and wanting to be able to really analyze the quality of their buds needs to invest in a microscope for weed. These microscopes zoom anywhere from 60-200 times and allow you to truly analyze your weed. You can determine how potent your bud is as well as ensure there is no mold or anything that could cause you to get sick. Not to mention its just fun to be able to compare the weed you get, and see what it looks like up close. There’s nothing better than getting high and looking at the weed you just smoked zoomed in 100x. There are a lot of cannabis microscopes on the market, but only a few good ones. Today I am going to cover the best microscopes for weed on the market today. 

# 3 420 Scope 60-100x LED Handheld Microscope


One of the best microscopes for weed

This microscope has 420 in its name, meaning they made it specifically for this purpose in mind. Don’t let this fool you though. Other companies that are used to making microscopes make slightly better products (see below). If you want 420 on the microscope, this is the one for you. Overall the 420 scope is a good beginners marijuana microscope and will definitely help you to better determine the quality of your weed. Click here to check it out on Amazon!

# 2 SE MW10087L Mini 16x Microscope with Illuminator

A great cannabis microscope, arguably one of the best microscope for weed

This is a great little microscope that is really affordable, yet will still allow you to see your buds up close. It can only magnify up to 16x which is less than any other on this list, but for beginners, you won’t need much more than this. If you are looking for something cheap and basic that still gets the job done, this is the microscope for you! Click here to view the SE on Amazon.

#1 Carson 60X-100X MicroMax LED Lighted Pocket Microscope (MM-200)


A great marijuana microscope

The Carson is easily the best microscope for weed. This microscope is a great pocket microscope, can zoom up to 100x, and is incredibly portable. It can go anywhere you go, and allow you to take it with you when you go to buy weed. This way you can inspect the quality of the weed on the spot to help determine if you want to buy it. This is what we here at Stealthy Stoner personally on a daily basis for inspecting our buds. Click here to view the Carson Pocket Microscope on Amazon!

BONUS: AmScope M30-ABS-KT2-W Beginner Microscope Kit


A truly great microscope for inspecting weed

I threw this weed micoscope on as a bonus because it is much more expensive than the other options listed above. This isn’t just a microscope, it is a full kit that will give you everything you need to begin fully inspecting your dank nugs. This is more for serious cannabis connoisseurs and people who like science and want to truly understand what they are putting into their bodies. If you want more info on this kit click here!

Thanks for reading my list of the best microscopes for weed! Be safe and stay high.


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