Best Hemp Wick Holder

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Hemp wick is something every smoker should use if they care about their health. Hemp wick is essentially a small “string” that burns very slowly. You simply light the hemp wick and then you can use the hemp wick to light your pipe/bong or whatever. The benefit to hemp wick is that it is all natural and organic so you breathe that in instead of the lighter fumes every time you take a hit. Don’t get me wrong, smoking weed is not nearly as bad for you as smoking tobacco, but either way lighter fumes are very bad for you. Making the transition to hemp wick is something you should definitely consider. Another major benefit to hemp wick (there are many) is the taste. Using hemp wick keeps the pure taste of your buds and doesn’t dilute it with the lighter fumes. There are 2 main types of wick, beeswax and hemp wick. There are slight differences, but either one will get the job done and are both all natural. We have scoured the web for not only the best hemp wick, but also the best hemp wick holders. First off we are going to cover the list of the holders and move on to the actual hemp wick itself after. Without further adieu, let’s jump right into our article on the best hemp wick dispenser!

Best Hemp Wick Holder

HempLights Hemp Wick Dispenser

This hemp wick holder is one of the most common around. All you have to do is put a bic lighter in the main compartment and then wrap the hemp wick around the bottom. From there you just feed the hemp wick up to around the top of the lighter. This allows you to simply light the lighter and the top of the wick will begin to burn. From there you light your herb just like you normally would and enjoy a much healthier smoke sesh. This hemp wick holder is nice because it keeps everything you need – the hemp wick wick, lighter, and holder all in one place. This makes it easier to keep track of. ┬áThis is what we all use here at Stealthy Stoner every time we smoke. It is convenient and much healthier way of enjoying your herbs.

Pocket Sized Hemp Wick Dispensers

This hemp wick dispenser works a little differently than the one above. This is simply just a tube with a cork on the top and a small hole for the hemp wick to feed through. The main downside to this is there is no lighter compartment so you will have 2 things to keep track of instead of just 1 like the holder above. The main benefit to this hemp wick dispenser is that you don’t have to blow out the wick once it is burning. Once it gets to the hole it is fed in through it will automatically get put out.

Overall the first hemp wick holder by hemplights is definitely the way to go. It is simple, easier to use, and is just all around more convenient. Not to mention it is quite a bit cheaper.

Best Hemp Wick

Humboldt Hemp Wick

Humboldt hemp wick is a classic among smokers. It is all natural and made out of a combination of both hemp wick and beeswax. This specific pack give you 50 feet of hemp wick which should be plenty to start out with!

Bee Line Hemp Wick

BeeLine has a wide range of hemp products to choose from. They have all different kinds of sizes and types for you to try. You can choose from regular wick, or thick if you are looking for a bigger burn (helps to take large bong rips!). Overall BeeLine definitely wins here due to having a lot of different options and styles to choose from.

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