Best Heady Glass For Sale Online

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Heady glass pieces are the exotic cars of the stealthy stoner’s world. You spend hours upon hours staring at their pictures online, and if you ever are lucky enough to see some true, top notch heady glass in person, you’re speechless.

But you know that already, it’s why you’re here. You’ve got a bit of cash padding your pockets and pictures of your next potential piece floating around in your mind – you just have one question – where is the best heady glass for sale online? It’s a good question, with more than one answer. You can find heady glass at multiple locations online – but the best heady glass for sale online? That narrows it down to just a few locations.


I’m going to link to a few individual pieces in this page, but keep in mind, many head glass pieces (most, in fact) are one of a kind. This means that as soon as one of our readers ponies up and buys one of the gorgeous works of art, it’s gone. Because of this, we’re going to try to update this article relatively frequently with new pieces, so in a few months this won’t just be a memorial to what once was for sale.


With that being said, let’s answer the question – what, and where, is the best heady glass for sale online?




First stop is the Dankstop. Dankstop carries dozens of pieces of heady glass, but suffers from a common problem – over 50% of their heady glass stock is out of stock. This sucks, but is understandable. As I said before, heady glass is usually one of a kind work, so you can hardly have a best seller on your hands.


The piece linked to currently for Dankstop is Urban Glass’s Wig Wag Bong. Handmade in the USA, this piece has a certain mystical quality to it. Standing 11 inches tall, it’s not a large piece, by any means, but the detail packed into the design on the limited surface area is very, very impressive. Judging by this piece and their other pieces (that aren’t out of stock), Dankstop is definitely one of the places to find the best heady glass for sale online.


Smoke Cartel


Next up is Smoke Cartel. Smoke Cartel has a slightly smaller selection of heady glass when compared to Dankstop, but they are all in stock, and they all have an interesting option when it comes to the pricing that other sites lack: “or best offer”. This auction like pricing structure could lead to you getting a seriously good deal for a seriously cool piece.


Now, the piece I linked for Smoke Cartel might not have been the objectively best piece, but as a Call of Duty Nazi Zombies fan myself, I couldn’t just pass this one by. This handmade on of a kind piece is a part of a nazi zombies series, in which the model the bongs after the perk-a-cola soda’s in the popular game mode. This particular piece is quick revive, and if I had the money, believe me, I’d be it’s proud owner.


Even if you’re not a fan of Call of Duty, this piece does show the charm and uniqueness often found in heady glass. Smoke Cartel is without a doubt one of the places to be when looking for the best heady glass for sale online.


I hope this helped you out in your quest to find the best heady glass for sale online! Thanks for reading!

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