Best Dabber For Taking The Fattest Dabs

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Having the right dabber tool is a must when it comes to getting serious about dabbing. The right tool will allow you to take bigger dabs, and if the dabber comes with a carb cap, you will be able to start taking low temp dabs. Low temp dabs are a from of taking dabs where you don’t heat up the nail too much. From there you trap the wax with a carb cap, and the wax vaporizes by the heat building up. This is a much safer and less harsh way to take dabs. Only one of the dabbers included in the list will come with a carb cap. There are a few different types of dabber, glass dabbers and titanium dabbers. From personal experience we have found that titanium dabbers work much better, so that is what we will be covering today. Without further adieu, lets jump right into out list of the best dabber on the market. 

Best Titanium Dabbers

A great titanium dabber

The titanium paper clip dabber is a great option if you are trying to be stealthy. It looks just like a paper clip! Who will ever know you use it to take fat dabs? This titanium dabber will not only blend right in, it gets the job done. It’s an actual dabber and will work just fine. One thing I would not about this dabber is that it doesn’t have a ton of room for a lot of wax. It can definitely still pick up a big glob, but if your wax is more crumbly, you may have a harder time getting a big enough dab. Click here to view this product on Amazon

#3 BDEALS 4.75″ Gold Dental Pick Wax Tool Dabber

A golden, dental tool. Also called the best titanium dabber

This golden titanium dabber if perfect for anyone who wants to look like a king while they take dabs. This dabber has a wide grip to make it easy to hole. The tip is pretty wide and will be able to fit a good amount of wax on it. Its obviously not actually made out of gold but it still looks pretty dope. Click here to view this product on Amazon


#2 CannaToolz Grade 2 Titanium Carb Cap (19mm)

One of the bets titanium dabbers on the market.

This is the dabber I was talking about above that comes with a carb cap. This is definitely the best option if you have an interest in taking low temp dabs. The carb cap screws on to the end of the dabbe to make it all come together. This way you don’t have to worry about keeping track of your dabber and carb cap. The titanium dabber itself is a great one with plenty of room for lots of wax. This is a great buy if you are interested in low temp dabs, and if you care about taking healthier dabs. One warning I would give is that the carb cap can get pretty hot if you leave it on too long. Make sure to never just let it sit on the nail.  Click here to view this product on Amazon


#1 Titanium Carving Tool GR2 + TitanOwl Silicone Mat Platnium Cured + Non-Stick Jar Container

A bundle pack that includes the best titanium dabbers, wax wallets and more

If you are not needing a carb cap, this bundle pack is the best option for you. It comes with one of the best titanium dabbers, along with 2 wax containers and a silicone mat. The wax containers are non-stick so they serve as a perfect place to store your wax. The mat is perfect for dabbing with friends. You can put you wax on the mat and have plenty of room to divide the wax up and get your dabs ready. You get all of this for a very reasonable price! Click here to view this product on Amazon

Again, if you are looking for the best dabber, I would highly recommend sticking to titanium dabbers. Thanks for reading our article on the best titanium dabber!


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