Best Dab Tools Every Dabber Needs

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When it comes to dabbing there are quite a few dab tools you are going to need to have. Dabbing has a few more necessary tools than smoking does. To take a dab you need a blow torch, a dabber, a nail, and a dab rig to start out. In addition to these it really helps to have a non-stick wax container or a non-stick silicone mat to put your wax on. This makes it a lot easier to get the wax on your dabber to get ready for the dab. Today we are going to cover some of the best dab tools on the market.

Creme Brulee Culinary Cooking Kitchen Torch

This golden torch will be a great addition to your dab tools

We have to kick things off here with this golden fire breathing son of a bitch. Look like a king while taking your fattest of dabs with this dab torch. It has a strong flame, but not too strong. It will still allow you to take low temp dabs.  This is the torch we personally use here at stealthy stoner. Click here to view this product on Amazon


SE DD312 12-Piece Stainless Steel Double-Sided Wax Carvers Set

This set of dab tools will set you on your way to being a dab master

The bundle pack will give you every kind of dabber you could possibly need. Lose one? No worries, you have 11 more! This package is surprisingly not too expensive. Its works well because for different types of wax, different dabber tools will work better. This package deal comes with 12 total dabber tools. You’ll have more tools than a dentist! Click here to view this product on Amazon


Skilletools “Gold Dr Dab” Gold Edition – Skillet Tools

The gold dabber is the perfect thing to add to your dab tools

If you don’t need 12 dabber tools, this is your next best option. Matching perfectly with the golden torch above, this bad ass dabber will let you dab in style. This tool is decently sized and will let you take some fat dabs. It’s got a nice wide grip so it won’t be hard to hold like most other dab tools. Its decently sharp which makes it easy to scoop up the stickiest wax. It also works perfectly for breaking down crumble into manageable pieces. I can’t recommend this dabber enough! Click here to view this dabber on Amazon


Wax Wallet by 420 Science

The wax wallet is one of the best dab tools on the market

420 science makes some great products. Their wax wallet doesn’t fall short. This wax container will never leave wax sticking to it. It’s made out of silicone and is the best place to keep all your wax. If you are used to having wax rolled up in wax paper, you need to invest in a good wax wallet. It will save you so much time trying to get a dab ready without having to peel off the wax paper that comes with it. For only a few bucks, you can get the highest quality dab container on the market. Click here to view this wallet on Amazon

Non Stick Silicone Mats

Silicone mats, a must dab tool

Like the wax wallet, non-stick silicone mats are perfect for putting dabs on. Your wax won’t stick to, and they come off really smoothly. These are great if multiple people are dabbing, or if you plan on having a decent amount of wax. These also work better than a wallet if you plan on having multiple types of wax so this way you won’t get them mixed up. The only problem is then you wouldn’t have anywhere to store the wax. What we do is keep our wax in a wax wallet, and when we are ready to take some dabs we put it on our silicone mats. This way you get the best of both worlds! Click here to view these mats on Amazon.

Having the right dab tools will allow you to step up your dabbing game and get you looking like a dab master. Thanks for reading our article on the best dab tools!


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