Best Bong Under 50 Dollars

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Whether you are an experienced stoner who is tight on cash or a beginner who is looking for his or her first bong, you probably want to look for something that is cheap and is worth the money. Finding the best bongs for the best price can be a hard thing to do, but here at Stealthy Stoner, we have already chosen the best bong under 50 dollars. All these online head shops are cluttered, unorganized, and sketchy. Sometime you do not know whether you are going to get the bong or not. Maybe the bong might break on the way to your house. So save you some trouble, we did you the liberty of looking for the best places that would have the best bong for under 50 dollars.

UPC Flat Beaker  

flat beaker bong is the best bong under 50

UPC Flat Beaker Bong

This beaker base bong will definitely do its job getting you high for a bong under 50 dollars. It has a down stem and a bowl so you are good to go. It is 8 inches tall so it is small and portable. There is no need to worry about finding a hiding place for this bong. On top of that, this bong is available in different colors.

UPC “Simple Guy” 

Simple guy is simply the best bong under 50

UPC Simple Guy

The UPC Simple Guy takes everything back to the basics. This simple bong is great because it has an ice pinch where you can put ice down the neck of the bong. The ice will cool the smoke you are inhaling to provide a smoother hit. For a bong under 50 dollars, this is a solid purchase for anyone.

The Gravitron

The Gravitron is the best bong under 50

The Gravitron

The Gravitron is not like any other bong you see out there. It is a glass creation of the tradition homemade gravity bong. By filling the glass with water and pulling the bottle-shape glass up, you will cause air to rush through the slide and make smoke build up in the bottle. After the bottle is filled up with smoke, just remove the slide and inhale the smoke through the top of the bottle. This is an awesome piece for any stoners out there. You will not find any bong under 50 like this anywhere else.

UPC “Simply Guy” 

For a bong under 50, this is simply awesome

UPC Simply Guy

The UPC Simply Guy is just like the UPC Simple Guy but with a slight twist. This bong takes after the Zong, which has a cool Z-shape neck. This is also an awesome bong for anyone looking for a cheap and quality bong. A bong under 50 dollars are usually plain and boring but the Simply Guy will make your bong stand out.

Black Leaf Stemless Turbine Perc Glass Bong (The Best Bong Under 50 Dollars)

Turbine perc on the best bong under 50 dollars

Black Leaf Turbine Perc

The Black Leaf Turbine Perc is by far the best bong under 50 dollars. Many bongs under 50 dollars will usually not have a percolator to cool down the smoke. In this case, the bong comes with a turbine perc that will cause the smoke to swirl like a tornado. It is hard to come by with a bong like this for a price like this. Definitely a solid choice for the given price.

These bongs are the best selection of bongs under 50 dollars. They will offer you the best smoking experience for the cheapest price. You don’t have to worry about cheap glass that breaks after the first week. Now that you have a good idea about a about a bong under 50 dollars, go and choose the best one for you!

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