Best Blow Torch for Dabs

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Whether you’re taking a break from bud, or wax is simply your usual, it’s hard to turn down a good ‘ole dab. We at Stealthy Stoner believe that behind every good dab is good equipment. When it comes to putting fire to your…well…”fire” (heh), will just any old torch get the job done in a pinch? I suppose you could could argue such. However, when it comes to the quality and durability of your torch, the one you select should be chosen with the hope of making every dab feel like your first. Remember that one? Yeah. We’ll show ya how to get there. Without further ado, we present to you the 3 best blow torches for dabs. 

#3 Liba Butane Blowtorch

 This torch is one of the best in its class for dabs.

Our first torch, the Liba, is one of the best in its class. If you are looking for a reliable torch at a price that falls in the middle of the usual quality torch’s price range, then look no further. It has the right amount of power so that your hand won’t be all cramped up by the time your nail is hot. This torch will last you an impressive amount of time while providing you with the a quality flame throughout. It has won us over at Stealthy Stoner and we are sure it will do the same for you. Click here to view the Liba on Amazon.

#2 Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane Torch

For dabs, this is one of the best torches.

Yeah, buddy. Rollin’ like a big shot. The high-power fire breathin’ son of a bitch could end a winter in the mid-west with one twist of a knob. The Blazer GT8000 produces our list’s strongest flame and will do so for the longest amount of time. If you’re looking to keep the nail hot long enough to put your meanest snake to the nail, then you are headed in the right direction. With its simple. yet strong design, this torch is sure to please. Click here to view the Blazer GT8000 Big Shot on Amazon

#1 SE MT3001 Deluxe Butane Torch

This is one of the best dab torches on the market.

Considering the caliber of our list’s previous torch, how does the SE MT3001 stack up? What earns this product our number one spot is not so much its power, but its affordability. As an Amazon #1 Best Seller, this torch is going to give you the most bang for your buck. It is by far our list’s least expensive, yet still competes with torches twice its price in quality and durability. Though this tool may not have quite as strong and efficient of a flame as the Blazer GT8000 Big Shot, we believe it is by far the best blow torch for dabs at its price. Click here to view the SE MT3001 Deluxe Butane Blow Torch on Amazon.

Whether it’s the steal of a deal SE MT3001, the flame thrower created in the depths of Dante’s Inferno known as the Blazer Big Shot, or the incredibly reliable and efficient Liba, we are confident that from this list you will find the torch that is best for your personal dab experience. We appreciate you coming to Stealthy Stoner for advice, and we hope this gave you a good idea as to which is the right torch for you. 


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