Best Ash Catchers To Add To Your Water Pipe

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If you have a bong and don’t use an ash catcher, you are missing out big time. Not only do ash catchers keep your bongs clean, they also typically have percs to help filter the smoke to make your hit even smoother. People underestimate having clean bongs. They taste so much better and make the hits less harsh. Its a pain to constantly have to clean them with alcohol and salt, and its nearly impossible to get it 100% clean. That’s why your best bet is to pick an ash catcher off this list of the best ash catchers and always use it. Ash catchers do exactly what they sound like – catch ash, so it doesn’t accumulate in the bong itself. All you have to do is occasionally clean your little ash catcher and you will be good to go. There are a few things to note when searching for the best ash catcher. Ideally you want one with a perc, but the most important thing is the durability and thickness of the glass. We have scoured the web and hand picked what we believe to be the best ash catchers.  First off we need to talk about sizes, if you already know what size you need feel free to skip this part.

You bong will either need a 14mm or 18mm sized ash catcher. You can tell by sticking your pinky into where the bowl goes on your bong. If you can fit your pinky inside, its a 18mm. If you can’t then you have a 14mm. All of the ash catchers listed below have the option for either size so make sure to select the right one when checking out.

#1 ) UPC Inset Honeycomb Disc Glass Ashcatcher with 90 Degree Joints

This glass on glass ash catcher has a honeycomb perc that makes your hits much smoother. It’s at a 90 degrees angle so it can fit nicely on most bongs. It does a great job at catching the ash and keeping your bong clean. The durability on this piece is also something worth noting, I accidentally dropped it when I first got it and it didn’t break.

#2 ) UPC Honeycomb Disc Ashcatcher

This glass on glass ash catcher also features a honeycomb perc and is a little more reasonably priced. The glass is definitely a little less thick than the option before, but it still gets the job done. It is at a 45 degree angle outwards so keep that in mind when deciding which one you want.

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