8 Best Weed Pipes For The Best Sesh

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Choosing the best weed pipe is important to many people because it is most likely what they are going to smoke out of every time they toke. A pipe for weed can have different names such as a spoon pipe or a weed bowl. A weed pipe consists of a “bowl” where you pack your herb, a mouthpiece, and a small hole called a carburetor or “carb”. When using a glass smoking pipe, wrap your hand around the pipe where the bowl is and place a finger on the carb. Light the herb on fire with the finger still on the carb and suck in through your mouth. This will cause the smoke to build up in the weed pipe. After a few seconds, remove the finger from the carb and keep sucking to inhale the smoke built up in the pipe. Using a weed bowl is a fairly common method of smoking. It is discreet in multiple ways because it is small and it does not burn continuously like joints and blunts. A weed pipe will fit in any bag and will usually fit in your pocket. So when you are out walking somewhere, you can pull it out and take a few tokes and put it away without anyone knowing. The only worry with smoking a weed bowl is the cherry smoke that comes from the weed after it has been lit, which will produce a little bit of smell. Because of the bigger capacity of the weed bowl, all of the weed will not combust in one hit so smoke from the remains of the burnt weed will produce smoke. Other than that, smoking a weed pipe is a relatively stealthy way to toke up.

These pipes come in many shapes, sizes, and forms. It is mostly up to the individual to decide what the best pipe for weed is. They can look simple, like a regular spoon pipe with little to no design, or they can be very intricate with custom, handmade touches called heady glass. Heady glass tends to be more expensive since they require lots of time being specially handmade by glass blowing artists. These people are artists who makes and adds a special touch to the weed pipe, and is usually offered in very limited quantities. Some people will think heady glass is the best pipe for weed because they are very beautiful and unique. The price for heady weed pipes would be appropriate for some who would use it everyday and value it as a nice, personal weed pipe. Here is a small list of heady glass for the best pipes for weed.

4 Best Weed Pipes: Heady Glass

4. “Deathworm” by Sabo Glass

The "Death Worm" is one of the best weed bowls

Sabo Glass Weed Pipe

The Deathworm has a pretty cool name to start out with. This weed pipe offers a deep blue color throughout the body with a touch of red on the sides. The front of the bowl has carefully designed eye for the worm and cool-looking, vicious teeth around. Overall, a very creative and unique weed pipe. Sabo Glass pieces are created by an artist based out of Leander, Texas. Properly known as El Sabo Glass, he is known for making wild glass pieces featuring monsters and creatures.

3. Spiral Spoon Pipe by Mathematix 

Some of the best weed bowls by Mathematix

Mathematix Weed Pipes

The Mathematix spiral spoon pipe made it into our top five list of the best weed pipes for heady glass because this pipe has many eye catching qualities that many other spoon pipes lack. The “bowl” where you pack weed in sticks out of the pipe, which is pretty unique for a spoon pipe. Along with the one kind design, this pipe comes in three beautiful color glass that will surely stand out . For a weed pipe that is as creative as this, it comes with a relatively low price tag. Mathematix is based out of Los Angeles, California making handmade glass. They have some of the most creative designs and make some of the best pipes for weed.

2. Sherlock Helio Glass Pipe by Amsterdam Glassworx

Glass Worx weed bowl

Amsterdam Glassworx Weed Pipe

The stunning artwork on this pipe is simply incredible when comparing it to the other heady glass pipes that we reviewed. This is definitely one of the best looking weed bowls out there. Show this to your friends and they will surely want to smoke with you more often. This piece is handmade by Chris Rawkins of Amsterdam Glassworx. All of his glass weed pipes go through a process called annealing, which is a special process that makes this weed pipe more durable for use.

1. “Yellow Tang Fish” by Harley Morales

Harley Morales sea weed bowl

Harley Morales Weed Pipe

This is a one of many of Harley Morales’s stunning works. This specific pipe features a sea theme with many pretty elegant touches on the pipe. It has a stable base so you do not have to worry about it falling over and breaking. This weed bowl is a treasure to many glass enthusiast out there. Harley Morales is based outside of Asheville, North Carolina. His work is really stands out with his nautical themed designs that gets lots of attention at glass blowing competition.

Heady glass bowls are generally more expensive than other glass bowls. They offer very beautiful features but they also tend to be more delicate than cheaper name brand weed bowls. In the end, heady glass bowls are not really meant to be taken around and used by a lot of careless people. Name brand pieces, on the other hand, are generally more cheap and durable. Some head shops will actually drop these glass bowls on the counter in front of you to test the durability of the bowl. In the end, it is up to you to judge what is the best weed bowl for you. I have already talked about the best heady weed bowls. Now it is time to talk about the best name brand weed bowls.

4 Best Weed Pipes: Name Brand Glass

4. Grav Labs Wig Wag Pipe

Grav Labs best weed bowl

Grav Labs Weed Pipe

When talking about the best weed pipes that are cool and affordable, the Grav Labs Wig Wag pipe is definitely up there on the list. One of the coolest features of this pipe is the inverted mouth piece that catches ash that comes through the pipe. This means there will be no more gross ash flying in your mouth when you are smoking the last few hits of your bowl. Grav Labs pipes are generally made very well using 32 mm borosilicate glass for this particular pipe. The quality is great but the colors on this pipe is awesome too!

3. Chameleon Glass After Glow Chillum

Best pipe for weed by Chameleon Glass

Chameleon Glass Weed Chillum

What is cooler than pipe for weed? A glow in the dark pipe for weed! Now you can smoke weed in the dark without having to worry about losing your piece. Chameleon Glass is a growing brand that features quality pipes in many different shapes and colors. A chillum is a little different than weed bowls. They do not have a “carb” so you can just light it and inhale. They are a little smaller and hold less weed but a chillum is definitely stealthier.

2. Grav Labs Helix 

Grav Labs Helix Weed Bowl

Helix Weed Pipe

The Helix pipe is a great weed bowl for everyone because it is relatively affordable and it offers a cool, unique feature that other weed bowls do not have. There are holes in the pipe to allow air to travel through in a vortex to make the smoke look like a tornado. This makes the smoke smoother to inhale because it is taking longer to reach the mouth, which allows the smoke to cool itself down. On top of being a really smooth pipe, the Helix weed bowl is an awesome piece to use with friends who will probably admire the cool tornado going through your pipe.  Helix is a great brand, and definitely makes one of if not the best pipe for weed.

1. Incredibowl M420 (The Best Weed Pipe)

The best weed bowl by Incredibowl

Incredibowl Weed Bowl

The Incredibowl M420 is a revolutionary piece to the game, which makes this the best weed bowl. This unconventional weed pipe is engineered for the biggest stoners out there. The clear tube component is made of heat resistant, incredibowlly durable polycarbonate material with aircraft grade aluminum. It works by lighting the weed and letting the smoke build up in the clear tube. When you have the desired amount of smoke in the tube, you pull the aluminum spring to allow outside air flowing to go through the tube. This allows the smoke to entire your lungs at more than one hundred miles an hour.

Now that you saw the best of both worlds, you have to choose which pipe is the best weed pipe for you. Heady glass is expensive and unique while name brand glass are cheaper and studier. Weed bowls are popular because they can be brought almost anywhere and it is generally stealthy to toke up. If you are looking for a piece to use on a regular basis, you should definitely think of getting pipe for yourself.

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