7 Best Online Smoke Shops

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When it comes to purchasing bongs, pipes, containers, grinders etc. there are a lot of options available. More and more online smoke shops are popping up left and right. A lot of these smoke shops offer a very large selection at prices that retail locations can’t match. Another great thing about a lot of these online head shops is that they offer discrete shipping. This means that there will be no marking on your box whatsoever, so your noisy neighbors have no idea what you are ordering. The main things we are going to look at when comparing these online smoke shops are price, selection, customer service, organization of the site, and most importantly, the quality of the products they offer. With that being said, let’s jump right into our list of the best online smoke shops.

#1 Grasscity (The Best Online Smoke Shop)

Grasscity claims the number one spot of the best online smoke shop for a lot of reasons. Not only has it been around for a long time, Grasscity has an incredibly large selection. It is also home to a very active forum around the weed industry. Grasscity carries pretty much anything you can imagine ranging from small accessories to fancy bongs. Grasscity also has very reasonable prices and I’ve never had anything go wrong with an order. I would highly recommend checking out Grasscity if you are looking for practically anything in the weed industry! Click here the check them out.

#2 Billowby

Billowby is another great choice, and definitely up there as the best online headshop. They have solid customer service and a decent selection. The reason Billowby isn’t number 1 is simply because they tend to be more expensive than a lot of the other options on this list. If you have deep pockets then Billowby may be a great choice(although you can probably find a lot of the expensive items cheaper at Grasscity). They are very quick to ship and resolve any issues you have very quickly. Another great thing about Billowby is the organization of their website. It is incredibly clean and easy to find what you are looking for. Based in San Francisco is a great smoke shop online! Click here to check out Billowby.

#3 Smoke Cartel

Smoke Cartel has a clean website and solid selection. Personally, I’ve had a bad experience with Smoke Cartel My first ever water pipe I received from Smoke Cartel was from their in house brand. It broke on its second use. With that being said I’ve ordered other brand name pipes that were just fine. My absolute favorite part about Smoke Cartel is the video preview of each bong, showing how it rips. If you are looking for a large selection and decent quality bongs, I would definitely check out Smoke Cartel smoke shop online. Click here to check them out.

#4 Everyone Does It

Everyone does it has a very wide selection, but the overall quality of their bongs isn’t the best. The website is decent, but is very hard to find exactly what you are looking for. One place EDI excels in their online headshop is that they offer a very large selection of slides and down stems. If you are looking for bong accessories, this may be the best online smoke shop for you, if not you may want to check out another option. Click here to check them out.

#5 Herb Tools

Herb Tools is the best online smoke shop if you live in the UK. They offer free shipping for all UK orders. While I’ve never tried their services myself, my buddies in the UK tend to like them. You can still order if you are from the U.S. but shipping may be a little more expensive than you would be willing to pay. While it may not look like the best online head shop, Herb Tools is definitely something to checkout if you live in the UK.

#6 Retroactive Smoke Shop

Retroactive smoke shop barely made its way on the list of the best online smoke shop. They offer a mediocre selection, but have some very unique pieces. For example they have a really cool selection of wooden pieces. Their prices aren’t the best for some bigger brand named glass. Overall if you are looking for some unique pieces, this could be the best online headshop for you. If you are just looking for some solid scientific or heady glass, I would pick one higher up on the list.

#7 Smoke Day

Smoke Day smoke shop online is another very similar headshop as Retroactive above. It’s got some weird pieces that you may not be able to find elsewhere, but for general use it’s no where near the best. They do have very friendly customer service though! Go check them out if you are looking for something different and unique.

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