6 Unique Bongs And Pipes To Add To Your Collection

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Every smoker needs a unique piece. Whether its something crazy and fancy or just something simple, having a unique bong or pipe is something every smoker should do. There are some amazing glass artists who can make just about anything imaginable. While a lot of times these unique bongs can be pretty pricey, there are definitely some affordable options. Artists are making some crazy pieces these days and the industry is constantly innovating. From Tornado percs to glow in the dark bongs, you can find just about any type of bong or pipe imaginable. We have scoured online headshops and created this list of some of the coolest, most unique pieces we could find.With that being said, let’s jump right into our list of the our 7 unique bongs and pipes

Glow In The Dark Bong

Just as the title says this bong glows in the dark! It works very similar to other glow in the dark items. This bong is a life saver when you’re smoking late at night. Never again will you accidentally knock over your bong in the dark. This bong is incredibly trippy and only gets cooler the more you smoke. This glow in the dark piece is definitely a very unique bong, and will impress anyone who you show it to.

Tornado Bong

This bong uses my favorite perc of all time – the turbine. It is usually placed at the base of a bong and has little slits that create a tornado effect as you take a hit. Once the smoke enters through the chamber, it creates a swirl effect as well truly making it look like a tornado. These bongs look really cool online, but it doesn’t even compare to seeing these bad boys in person.

Medusa Bong

This bong has a lot going on. With 8 internal recycles, this is definitely a unique bong. It looks really dope watching all the smoke go through each recycler and meeting up at the top. While this is a very unique one of a kind bong, it is a little bit pricier than all of the others on the list.

Propeller Bong

The first time I saw a picture of  this propeller bong I thought it was pretty cool but nothing too special. Then I watched the video and realized that the propellers on the perc actually move! There aren’t many moving percs out there, and that is definitely something that makes this bong very unique. You have to check it out.

Pokemon Bowl

Who doesn’t love Pokemon? Especially with Pokemon Go recently release, this hand pipe is more relevant than ever. Take it with you next time you go Poke hunting, and light up with Pikachu (pun intended).

Android Bong and Rig

This unique bong is based off the Android logo, the catch being that each one of his “ears” are a separate mouth piece. One of the mouth pieces hooks up to a male end rig for dabs while the other one leads to a perc and is made for dry herb. While you can’t take a dab and hit at the same time, you and a friend can! This two in one unique bong is a great choice if you have a little extra money to spend and need a rig and bong at the same time.

Overall, there are a lot of new unique bongs out there. I hope we have a few here that interest you!

Thanks for reading our article on the unique bongs and pipes! Be safe and stay high.

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