6 Best Stash Jars For Storing Your Weed

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There are a lot of different stash cans out there. There are diversion stash jars, smell proof jars, airtight weed jars, etc. There is also a wide range a quality. Many of these jars are easily breakable, or simply do a terrible job at locking in the odor of your weed. While it may be important to have a stash can that looks like something else (soda can, cat food, etc), the most important aspect of your stash jar is that it needs to be 100% smell proof and airtight. Not only will this keep smells from getting out, it will also preserve your weed much longer and make sure it doesn’t get moldy. There is only 1 container on this list that meets those qualities and works wonders, and that is #1 on this list – the DankTank (click here to checkout the DankTank on Amazon). All of the other stash jars may work for hiding your bud, but they won’t trap the odor inside and keep your buds fresh for months. Either way we are going to cover them all and lay out the pros and cons of each weed jar. Without further adieu, let’s jump right into our list of the best weed jars for storing your weed!

#6 Southwest Specialty Products 51003C Dr Pepper Diversion Can Safe

Simply the best weed jar on the market

This stash can looks like a Dr. Pepper can, but actually has a screw off top allowing you to store your weed inside. This can looks pretty convincing from a distance. However, if you look really closely you can definitely see something is off. Also, the moment you pick it up it’s obvious that it isn’t actually a Dr. Pepper can. With that being said it still has its uses. The biggest downside to this can is that does a terrible job of keeping the smell in. Even with weed in a plastic baggy the smell still leaked through. If you don’t have to worry about smell, this could be a decent stash jar for you, but if you want a weed jar that will actually lock in the smells then keep reading! Click here to view this can on Amazon

#5 THC Molecule Write & Erase Pop Top Jar

One of the best stash cans money can buy

This weed jar is definitely a classy one. With the THC molecule (the part of weed that gets you high) blatantly right out front, it won’t do the best job at hiding your buds. Not to mention this weed jar is see through. With that being said there is still something to say about the look of this jar. It’s made of glass and is great for showing off your buds, but not too great at hiding them.  Click here to view this container on Amazon.

#4 HydroMate Jars

A hydrating stash can that will keep your weed fresh

The hydromate jars are a very different stash jar than others on this list. They claim to hydrate and keep your weed moist while inside the jar. We tested this out and couldn’t really tell a difference, but maybe it was just subtle and we couldn’t notice it. One concern I had was if the buds get too wet they may actually develop mold more quickly. Either way we didn’t notice a difference one way or another, so I invite you to give this stash can a try and let us know what you think! Click here to view this product on Amazon

#3 Pop-Top Stash Jar by 420 Science with Burn Trees Decal

A see through weed jar made by 420

Made by the same company as the 420 molecule weed jar above, this weed jar is very similar. It features a different graphic as the other one which I personally like a lot better. I really like these stash jars, but I just can’t get past the fact that they aren’t smell proof and they are see through. But if you are looking for something to show off your buds, by all means, click here to view this product on Amazon

#2 Arizona Green Tea Diversion Safe Can Stash

A diversion stash can that looks like an Arizona green tea bottle

This stash can is probably the best diversion can on the list. Not the best stash jar, but the best DIVERSION stash jar. That meaning that it attempts to look like something else. In this case, the stash can looks like a typical Arizona green tea can. This stash can is definitely better than the Dr. Pepper can, but it also has a few downfalls. For starters, this stash can is much bigger than the Dr. Pepper. I think it also does a little better job at actually looking like an Arizona can. The downsides are that my lid wouldn’t screw on after about a week of using it. Luckily I bought 2 and the other one lasted a little longer, but was easily dented after I dropped it on the floor. This stash can is not very durable, but may work for you if you are careful, which as we all know can be hard to do sometimes after a few puffs :) Click here to view this can on Amazon

#1 DankTank

best smell proof container out there - the danktank

The DankTank is by far the best stash jar out there. This weed jar completely locks odor in and is incredibly durable. My DankTank has had it’s fair share of drops and still works like a charm. It is very simple to use. There is a latch on top, and once you shut the latch it creates an airtight seal that traps any smells inside. Simple as that, the DankTank is completely smell proof and will protect your weed from mold and UV rays which can cause your bud to go bad. We personally all use the DankTank here at stealthystoner. I can’t recommend it enough! Click here to view container product on Amazon.

Whatever weed jars you decide to buy, make sure you do your research first. There are a lot of low quality products, but we tried to find the best stash cans out there. The only one I can 100% recommend is the DankTank, but if another one is really sticking out at you, go for it.

Thanks for reading our article on the best stash jars!


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