5 Best Spots to Hide Your Stash

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What’s a stealthy smoker without a great hiding place for their goods? A good spot to hide your stash is one of the most important things to remain under the radar. You need a spot that people have no reason to get into under any circumstances. I’m going to share 5 of the best spots that keep unwanted eyes away.

5. Inside a Stuffed Animal



Who would expect something to be inside of a stuffed animal? Simply cut open the animal, remove a little stuffing, and fill the space with your whatever you need to hide!

4. Under a Drawer


Most drawers are able to be removed. Once you remove the drawer there should be plenty of room under for your stash. This is good if you have more than just a baggy to hide as it can provide a decent amount of room depending on the drawer.

3. Inside of A Fake Book


Put this book amongst others, and no one will ever expect it! You can make one yourself but it can be a long process. For those of use that aren’t the best at arts and crafts, you can buy one here that even comes with a lock!

2. A Lockbox/Safe


While this could seem suspicious to buy in some circumstances, a lockable stash spot is about as secure as it gets! Anything with some kind of lock works great. For my 12th birthday my aunt bought me a little toy vault that had a key code to get in. This toy was probably my most used hiding spot over the years. No one knew the code besides me and I kept it in the back of my closet making it seem like I hadn’t touched it in years.

1. Inside of a Computer/Old Game System


The best spot for hiding a stash is in an old computer, game system, music amplifier, or anything that you can quickly unscrew and have access to. These can provide a lot of room and all you have to do is put your materials in smell proof containers. Who would ever open up that old ps2 that hasn’t been touched in years, let alone know how to?

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