5 Best Smell Proof Bags For Storing Weed

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Lots of stoners everywhere need to find a place to store their weed. The problem with putting weed in a regular old baggie is that it still smells through the bag! Zip lock baggies are cheap and a common way to store weed but the problem with most bags is that they aren’t smell proof, which is a big problem when dealing with weed. You definitely do not want to reek of marijuana when driving around in your car or walking past people in public. A lot of people try to double baggie their marijuana, but even then smell will leak through since those bags are made out of thin, cheap plastic. The only way to ensure that your weed will not smell is to buy a smell proof bag. These are new bags that are made specifically for making sure whatever you put inside doesn’t let any smell out. They are a stoners best friend. Once you use any one of these smell proof bags, you won’t ever go back to your old baggies.

Note, there are detailed reviews of each bag below the table.

4 Best Smell Proof Bags On The Market

Smell Proof BagCommentsRating
Echo Pouchuntitled331_1024x1024Great smell proof baggies that are affordable yet still completely smell proof!10/10
LoudpackOne of the best smell proof backpacks on the marketBest smell proof backpack on the market10/10
RYOT Smell SafeA smell proof bag that locks smells inA great hard shell smell proof bag that can store pipes and lighters on top of your buds.9/10
#3 Funk FighterFunk Fighter Odorless Pocket BagThe Funk Fighter is similar to the RYOT,but does not have a hard shell exterior.7/10
#4 Smelly Proof BagsBest smell proof bags, titled smelly proofSmelly proof bags are like Stink Sacks, but are a little more pricey and in my opinion not as sleek looking.6/10

If you are looking for other smell proof storage options, check out our article on the 10 best smell proof containers.

#5 Smelly Proof Bags

Smelly proof bags, sometimes called the best smell proof bag on the market.


Smelly proof bags are a decent, see through option for a smell proof bag. They are made with a special, medical material which supposedly keeps smells locked inside (we have had mixed results). They are very durable and wont easily break like most bags. Another downside is that these bags are a little pricey compared to some other options. If you like this baggie, keep scrolling because you will definitely like #1, the Echo Pouch! Click here to view smelly proof baggies on Amazon.

#4 Funk Fighters Odorless Pocket Bag

Funk Fighter Odorless Pocket Bag , a great smell proof baggie.

This smell proof bag is different from some others on the list because its only one bag. It is supposed to be a more long term place to store your stash. It’s also a great option if you have pipes, lighters, and other things to store other than your marijuana. If you aren’t looking for multiple smell proof baggies, this is a decent option. Personally, I prefer the RYOT simply because the exterior is much more rigid and will protect everything you store inside. This is especially important if you plan on storing some pipes as well as you weed. Click here to view the Funk Fighter on Amazon.

#3 RYOT Smell Safe Hardshell


A great smell proof baggie made by ryot.

The RYOT is a great option for storing weed. Not only is it smell proof, it also has a hard exterior. This way your weed won’t get smashed if you have it in a backpack. The RYOT comes with a spot for your lighter as well as a poker for easily cashing bowls/bongs. This all around handy smell proof bag is everything you need when it comes to stashing your weed. Another great benefit is that it looks like a simple old bag. Who would ever suspect this thing to be full of dank? Although it isn’t necessary, to be extra careful, I would buy a couple Echo Pouches as well as this RYOT. This way you have a smell proof bag inside a smell proof bag! There’s absolutely no way any smell is leaking through there. Also, the RYOT is great for storing pipes and other accessories without the risk of them breaking. Click here to view the RYOT on Amazon.

#2 Loudpack

 One of the best smell proof backpacks on the market

The Loudpack earned the number 1 spot on our list of the best smell proof backpacks. The two main compartments are lined with aluminum which works absolutely great for keeping the smell in. It is also incredibly comfortable with very soft straps. The Loudpack also looks sleek and doesn’t look sketchy whatsoever. This is the backpack we personally use here at StealthyStoner and highly recommend it for storing all of your weed and accessories. Click here to checkout the Loudpack on Amazon!

#1 Echo Pouch (the best smell proof bag)

The best smell proof container


The Echo Pouch is the most affordable, higher quality, and all around the best smell proof bag. These bags are perfect because one side is blacked out and the other is see through. The blacked out side allows you to hide your buds if you need to while also protecting them from UV rays, keeping them more fresh. The clear side is perfect for showing off what you have inside.  The Echo Pack easily earns its spot as the best smell proof bag. Once you start using Echo Pouches it’s hard to go back to regular ziplock baggies!  Click here to view Echo Pouches on Amazon.

Thanks for reading our list of the best smell proof bags available. As always, be safe and stay high.

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