5 Best Places to Buy Bongs Online

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Online head shops are springing up left and right. They offer a very convenient and much cheaper (depending on which website you go to) way of purchasing any piece you can image. These sites are not only cheaper, but also typically have much higher quality of bongs and bowls. When it comes to choosing the best place to buy bongs online, there are quite a few things you want to keep in mind. The most important is price. Some sites seem to be even more expensive than retail head shops, but the good ones are much cheaper. The reason they can offer high quality glass at an affordable price is because they don’t have all of the costs of running a physical head shop. A few other things to look out for are if the online smoke shop offers discrete shipping (meaning they put your pieces in plain brown boxes so no one can tell what they are), free shipping, and how well the site is organized. With that being said, let’s jump right into our list of the best place to buy bongs online!

5 Best Places to Buy Bongs Online:

#5 RetroActive Smoke Shop

Retro Active slogan is “the alternative smoke shop” and that is a great way to describe it. It has a lot of very unique pieces, but is really pricey. The site is also organized pretty poorly, and its going to take you some time to find what you are looking for. It definitely is very unique and offers some interesting pieces that you won’t be able to find other places, but other than that its not really somewhere I visit consistently. It earned its spot on the list because it is different, but there are many better options. Click here to checkout www.retroactivesmokeshop.com

#4 Kings Pipe

Kings Pipe is similar to Retro Active in the fact that its very unorganized and hard to browse. The images are incredibly large and the text can be hard to read in places. If you can get past this, you’ll notice Kings Pipe has a decent selection of expensive bongs. They have quite a few bongs, but most of them are going to be pretty expensive, and you can find a lot of the same bongs for much more reasonable prices in the websites below. If you got a lot of money to spend and want to check out some over priced glass, this is the site for you. While it is definitely not the best place to buy bongs online, it still may be worth checking out if you have some extra time. Click here to checkout http://www.kings-pipe.com.

#3 Everyone Does It

Now we are starting to get into more clean, organized websites. Everyone does it is definitely not the best option, but it beats the 2 sites above by a long shot. They have a good selection of not just pipes, but also a wide array of other smoking accessories. Their prices are decent and definitely better than most in person head shops, but they aren’t the best. If you are looking for a wide selection, and can’t find what you want from #1 or #2 below, then I would check this site out. Click here to checkout https://www.everyonedoesit.com/.

#2 420 Science

Not putting 420 Science at number 1 was a hard decision. They are a online great head shop and offer a wide array of high quality bongs. Not only that, but they have nice in depth reviews and some innovative products that you can’t find elsewhere. They are the home to the Grav Labs brand which is one of the best not only for bongs, but also for bowls and other accessories. Again, like most other online smoke shops on this list, Grav Labs is pretty expensive and you are definitely paying a premium for the high quality pieces. With that being said, there website is very organized and easy to use. Definitely check them out at https://www.420science.com

#1 Grasscity (The Best Place to Buy Bongs Online)

Grasscity is a classic. It is one of the first online smoke shops around. They have probably the best selection of total cannabis accessories out of anywhere else. While their site may not look the best, it is very functional and has everything you could need at a reasonable price. Grasscity also is home to a forums that is very active and full of good information, and they have some indepth guides. All in all, if you need a place to buy glass on glass bongs online, Grasscity is the first place I would go. Click here to check them out.

Buying Online vs Retail

When it comes to price, buying bongs online is definitely the way to go. The reason these online shops can offer better price on their glass on glass bongs is that they don’t have to pay as many employees, they don’t have a lease for their store, and they generally  have much lower overhead. With that being said, its always nice to actually feel a bong and see it for yourself in person. Overall I think the much lower prices online are definitely worth it. If you are worried about your glass on glass bong breaking in the mail, most of the more reputable online smoke shops will replace it for free for you. Many of the top bong shops online will use discrete packages meaning that they will ship you your bong in a plain brown box so no one knows whats in your package. If you have never ordered from an online smoke shop, you are missing out! They have the best deals and the craziest pieces.

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