5 Best Cigarette Rolling Machines

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A cigarette rolling machine is a must have for anyone looking to roll their own cigarettes. Hand rolling is great, but can be tedious and too time consuming for daily smokers. But when looking to purchase a cigarette rolling machine one can be overwhelmed by the amount of choices, and the variety of the products offered. Should you get an electric automatic cigarette rolling machine, or a manual cigarette roller? What size cigarette roller do you need? These questions and more come into play when selecting the best cigarette rolling machine for your specific situation. In this article, we’ll answer those questions and more. We’ll explain the pros and cons of an electric automatic cigarette rolling machine vs a manual cigarette rolling machine, we’ll dig into how exactly to know which size cigarette rolling machine is right for you, and we’ll answer once in for all – what is the best cigarette rolling machine?

Electric vs Manual

When looking at which automatic cigarette roller to buy, the question of electronic vs manual automatic cigarette roller is an important one. It may at first seem like a question with a very very simple answer – if you want a quicker and more consistent roll, go electric, right? The truth is, it’s just not that simple at all. First, what is a manual cigarette roller? We’re here for automatic cigarette rollers right? So why should anything be manual? The name’s a bit deceiving – “manual” in this case basically means you have to do more than press a button. Usually you do one of two things: insert your paper and tobacco and twist the machine, or insert your paper and tobacco and push down the lid of the machine. So the machine is still doing the large majority of the work (including making sure your cigarettes come out perfectly), but you have to do more than press a button. The first problem with electronic cigarette rollers is that many of them require cone papers – not the preference of many smokers. Along with that, electronic cigarette rollers are usually way, way more expensive than manual automatic cigarette rollers. So, is the extra price worth it? In short, no. We recommend going with manual cigarette rollers (an opinion you’ll see represented in our top 5 list either below or above this article) for the lower price, consistent rolls, simplicity of design, and variety of choices when it comes to which paper you’d like to use.

#5 Cigarette Maker Rolling Machine

a solid automatic cigarette roller

This automatic cigarette rolling machine is a decent option if you only plan on rolling cones. It is able to do 3 at a time and works pretty good for the first month or so. After a decent amount of use this machine stops working and clogs very easily. The only real draw is that it does 3 at the same time and is a little bit cheaper than the option below. Click here to view it on Amazon.

#4 Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector

A decent automatic cigarette rolling machine

This automatic cigarette roller made by Powermatic is a much better choice if you plan on rolling only cones. We personally think that rolling from loose paper is the way to go not only for cost savings, but also there is a larger variety of papers to choose from. That’s why we recommend using one of the options below, but some people like cones better. To use this automatic cigarette rolling machine, all you have to do is stick your cone in the tube on the left side of the rolling machine, put the tobacco in the compartment and you are good to go. It makes packing cones pretty quick and even comes with a few cleaner tools. The main thing to look out for is to make sure you don’t put too much tobacco in the compartment. Click here to checkout the Powermatic on Amazon.

#3 ZigZag Roller

Made by zig zag this is one of the best cigarette rolling machines

ZigZag makes pretty solid products. This very affordable cigarette roller is a good option if you aren’t looking to spend too much, and don’t want to be stuck with only stuffing cones like the rolling machines above. Simply place a paper in the middle, fill up the compartment with tobacco, and twist the insides to roll your cigarette. It definitely takes some practice, but once you get it down it will definitely save you some time over hand rolling. This specific model can only roll 78mm papers (1 1/4), if you are looking to roll king sized check out the product below. Click here to check out the ZigZag on Amazon.

#2 RAW King Size Organic Deal

A great cigarette roller machine

Raw products are always high quality, and that holds true with their rollers. Working in a similar matter as the ZigZag, the Raw cigarette rolling machine will roll up your tobacco fairly easily. This specific size is 110mm meaning it can roll king sized cigarettes. With our extensive testing we found that it lasts much longer than the ZigZag. The main draw back of this roller is that it can only roll one size. You have to buy multiple models to get roll all the different types of papers that you can buy. Click here to check it out on Amazon.

#1 Zen Automatic Roll Box 110mm (The Best Cigarette Rolling Machine)



This is by far the best cigarette rolling machine. Not only can it roll any size of paper, it rolls them with ease. It definitely take a few attempts to get it down, but once you do you will be pumping out cigarettes. To roll a paper smaller than 110mm you just don’t put as much tobacco in, simple as that. It comes with very clear instructions and is the most versatile cigarette roller on the market. Click here to check it out on Amazon.

How to use a cigarette roller

In this section we are going to be going over some tips for you to get the most out of your cigarette rolling machine. We are going to be writing assuming you went with the #1 roller on the list, but some of the tips will apply to the other ones. When you get your roller there will be instructions included, but we are going to highlight some of the main points. You want to fill up the trough with a good amount of tobacco. It is okay if you put a little extra as it will just fall out into the main compartment, but don’t completely over stuff it as it may not roll. Probably the biggest piece of advice I can give to roll the best cigarettes, is to apply equal pressure to both sides of the cigarette roller. This way the cigarette will be nice and evenly rolled. If you are wondering the best way to roll smaller sizes than 110mm, all you have to do is put up your paper to the roller, make a note of the length of the paper, and simply put enough tobacco to fill the entire paper and no more. Then roll it up like you normally would and you are good to go. With a few try’s you’ll be rolling cigarettes like a pro!

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