4 Best Bowls For Bongs

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Finding the right bowl for your bong can be a much more difficult process than you would think. Bowls for bongs are constantly breaking, getting clogged beyond repair, or simply not working. There are a lot of things that can go wrong such as the size of the hole the smoke travels through, or the size of the bowl itself. If you want to avoid having to deal with these issues, purchase one of the bowls we have listed on this article. We have scoured all over the web to find the best bowls for bongs. Not only are they durable, they provide smooth hits with any bong, and fit a good amount of herb. Pretty much all of the best bong bowls are either sized 14mm or 18mm, either male or female. Just like how plugs work, if your bong has a male end, then you need a female bong bowl. You can tell by just looking at the bong. If you still aren’t sure, try putting your pinky where the bong bowl would go. If you can either fit your pinky in, or can almost fit it in then you have a female end, meaning you need a male bong bowl (the first 2). If not, you need a female bong bowl (the last 2). Let’s jump right into our best bowls for bongs!

Best Male Bong Bowls:

Okay so you have determined that you need a male bong bowl (the most common), now let’s figure out what size you need. If you can fit your pinky inside the end of the bong where the bowl will go, then you need an 18mm. If you can almost but not quite fit your pinky, you need a 14mm.

Clear Glass Male Bong Bowl:

If you are just looking for something that is simple and high quality, this is the bong bowl for you. It is clear and works like a charm. This bowl comes in both 14mm and 18mm, just pick which one you want at the checkout screen.

Colored Glass Male Bong Bowl:

In my opinion, these are the best bong bowls. They are very sturdy and can survive a fall. They also come in multiple different colors so you can pick what you like. Just like the last bong bowl, they all come in either 14mm or 18mm so they have the size for you.

Best Female Bong Bowls:

Gravlabs Octobowl:

A lot of female bowls are for concentrates (dabs). This is not one of those, and will still allow you to smoke herbs out of the bong bowl. This is one of the best overall bong bowls on the market. It can fit a very large amount of herbs and comes not only in 14mm and 18mm, but also 10mm if you happen to have one that small (very uncommon). It also has more of box shaped bowl as opposed to a circle shape that most have. This is really good for getting an even burn across the entire bowl. It is also built in such a way that majorly reduces clogging. You should definitely check it out.

Clear Glass Female Bowl:

This glass dome bowl is used for concentrates. If you want to take dabs this is definitely the way to go. Just like the other it comes in all sizes and will get the job done. Glass is arguably the best material to take dabs out of, so if you have a male end to your bong and plan on taking dabs, go ahead and grab one of these!

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