3 Best Nails For Dabs

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When it comes to choosing the best nail for dabs, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. First off, you need to know the different types of nails. The main types you see are glass nails, titanium nails, and ceramic nails. In our experience at Stealthy Stoner, we have found that the titanium nails work the best, but glass nails taste better. Overall, the titanium nails are going to be more reliable, easier to use, and give you more bang for you buck. With that being said, let’s jump right into the best nails for taking dabs.

# 3 14mm Grav Titanium Nitride Nail


Gold titanium dab nail, commonly referred to as one of the best dab nails of all time.

This nail is one of the best looking nails on the market. Its gold colored, and works like a charm. The only reason this nail wasn’t placed at number 1 (its my personal favorite) is because it is a little more expensive. If you can dish out the extra cash, this nail is the perfect fit for you. It’s what we personally use here at Stealthy Stoner. Click here to view it on 420 Science. 

# 2 Standard Threaded Ti Nail 10mm


Titanium dab nail, perfect for taking dabs and one of the greatest nails for dabbing

This nail is fantastic if you are looking for an affordable, entry level dab nail. It is titanium like all others on this list and won’t let you down. It may be a tad small, but it shouldn’t be an issue unless you are taking massive dabs. This was the first nail I ever bought online, and it still works to this day. Titanium nails are great nails for dabs because they will last forever. If you are a beginner, or just don’t take huge dabs, this nail is the perfect one for you. Click here to check it out on 420 Science.

#1 Veryke Ti Nail 6 in 1- 10mm 14mm (the best nail for dabs)


The Veryke Titanium nail, by far the best nail for dabs

This nail by far gives you the most bang for its buck, but that’s not the best part. The way its designed allows this nail to fit any size of dab rigs. Have mutliple rigs and don’t want to buy mutliple nails? The Veryke Titanium nail is by far your best bet. It is much better priced than other on this list and allows you to take any size of dab you wish. This nail is what all of us personally use here at Stealthy Stoner, and I wouldn’t hesitate grabbing yourself one! I haven’t been able to find anything this versatile or cheap in any local head shops. The Verkye earned its spot as the best nail for dabs for its super high quality, and affordable price. Check it out here on Amazon

Another thing you are going to need when it comes to taking dabs is a good dabber tool that won’t break. Here is what I use:

key chain dabber tool, essential for taking dabs

This is a key chain dab tool, meaning it fits right on your key chain, allowing you to dab wherever you go, check it out here :)

Thanks for reading our list of the 3 best nails for dabs, just remember that your best bet is to buy a titanium nail, and to plan ahead and get a nail that can fit any size of rig. You never know when your rig is going to break! Thanks for reading, and as always, stay high and be safe!


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