4 Best Joint Rollers For Rolling Perfect Joints Every Time

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Joint rollers make rolling joints 10 times easier. All you have to do is grind up some weed, put a paper in the joint roller, add a filter, and roll it up! It’s that easy, and the joints will come out perfect every time, depending on which joint roller you choose. Another huge benefit to using joint rollers is that the joint will smoke much better. It won’t burn too fast on one side and make the joint lob sided (this is called canoeing where I’m from). This can sometimes ruin a joint, or cause you to have to light it multiple times. If you use a joint roller, you will only have to light it once. It will continue to burn smooth throughout your smoke sesh. With that being said, it’s important to note that some joint rolling machines work better than others. Today I am going to cover the top joint rollers on the market and help you decide the best joint roller for you.

Note that under this table I have a video on how to use these joint rolling machines as well as more detailed reviews of each one.


#1 Rollup Rolling Machine
The best roller there is. By far the best option!10/10
Raw King Sized Joint Roller
The king sized raw joint roller. One of the best rolling machines on the market
The best king sized joint rolling machine. Not for the feint of heart. If you aren't ready for the king sized, look below.9/10

#3 Raw 1 1/4 Joint Roller
Raw joint roller a great joint rolling machine
If you cant handle the king sized roller, this is your next best option. It rolls the standard 1 1/4 sized joints and works perfectly.8/10

#4 Zig Zag 1 1/4 Roller
Zig Zag joint roller, not quite the best joint roller.
The Zig Zag roller gets the job done, but can get sticky with some usage.6/10

#5 Elements Joint Roller
Elements joint roller also known as one of the best joint rollers of all time
The Elements joint roller is a good option, but in my personal opinion it doesn't look as sleek as the Raw options.6/10

This article is organized into 2 different lists. If you would like a king sized joint roller scroll to the bottom! The joint rollers at the top are all for 1 1/4 sized joints (the standard size).


# 3 Elements Joint Roller


Elements joint roller also known as one of the best joint rollers of all time

The elements joint rolling machine definitely has some flaws, but will still get the job done in most cases. Overall it seems poorly built, and will get stuck with regular use. I would only recommend this if you are already an Elements fan, but if you are looking for a high quality joint roller, keep scrolling. Click here to check out the Element Joint Roller on Amazon!

# 2 Zig Zag Joint Roller


Zig Zag joint roller

Zig Zag is a well known joint paper brand, and they don’t disappoint when it comes to joint rollers. Their joint roller rolls joints a little bit wider than other ones. This means that you can fit more weed into one joint. This is perfect if you like fat joints, but can use up a lot of weed really quickly. If you are in to big joints the Zig Zag is definitely the right joint roller for you! Check it out on Amazon.

# 1 Rollup Joint Roller (Best Joint Roller)



The Rollup joint roller easily earns its spot as the best joint roller. It is all around the highest quality and rolls perfect sized joints. I have never had an issue with my Rollup joint roller since I’ve had it. It’s not only the most consistent joint roller on the market, it also is the most durable. Some of the other joint rollers above will break after a month or so. I have never broken my Rollup roller. It’s what we here personally use at Stealthy Stoner on a daily basis. Check it out on here Amazon by clicking this link!

Best King Sized Joint Roller

Raw King Sized Joint Rolling Machine

The king sized raw joint roller. One of the best rolling machines on the market

This bad boy is for all the serious smokers out there. Wan’t a longer sesh and don’t want to have to roll multiple small joints? A king sized joint rolling machine is perfect for you. King sized joints are quite a bit longer than your typical 1 1/4 sized. Personally all we smoke here at stealthy stoner are king sized joints. If you are used to smoking blunts, this also may be for you as king sized joints are a similar size. One thing to note about smoking king sized joints is that you may burn through your weed pretty quick. But who cares, were smoking like kings! Click here to check out the Raw king sized roller on Amazon.

For those of you reading this far down, I’ve got a little treat. Assuming you are ready for joining the king sized party, I have found a value pack on Amazon that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Not only does it come with 2 Raw king sized joint papers, a Raw king sized joint rolling machine, but also a Raw rolling tray to make sure you don’t spill while your rolling up!

Raw Bundle Pack


This bad boy is a best seller on Amazon and will save you lots of money. The curved edges of the rolling tray are great for rolling up on your lap while you sit back and watch a movie, as well as in a moving car. No matter where you go as long as you have your rolling tray and joint roller, you’re good to go. Click here to view this Raw bundle pack on Amazon!

How To Use A Joint Roller

The biggest take aways are to make sure you don’t over stuff the joint roller, and to make sure you use ground up herb. If you don’t have access to a grinder try to break the buds down with your hands to get it as fine as possible so it will easily fit into your joint. Another thing to keep in mind when using your joint roller is to make sure that you roll the machine evenly on both sides. This will make your joint more consistent throughout.

What factors did we use to rank the best joint rollers?

The most important thin we looked at when ranking these joint rolling machines is the quality of joint that they produced. You want a joint roller that creates a decent sized joint that is not too tight and not too loose. If your joint comes out too loose then it will ash really easily and most likely break apart while you are smoking it. If your joint is too tight you’ll be forced to such super hard to get a hit. That’s why we recommend Raw, they have created their joint rollers in a way that produces the perfect tightness of joints. Another factor we looked at when ranking these joint rollers is the their consistency. What good is a joint roller if it rolls a different joint every time? We also looked took into account price, looks and durability. Even though all of the rollers in this list look pretty similar, you would be surprised by difference in durability. My first Elements roller got jammed and broke after only around 20 joints. Although joint rollers are pretty cheap, you don’t want to have to order a new one every other month. An overlooked factor that is pretty important with these rolling machines is how easy they are to clean. After a few uses its a good idea to get a paper towel and just wipe the insides out.

Thanks for reading our list on the best joint rollers out on the market! Be safe and stay high.

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